Unidentified Flying Object/UFO
29th December 1953: An Unidentified Flying Object in the sky over Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia Barney Wayne/Keystone/Getty Images

A former fighter pilot of the US Navy has made startling revelations about a chilling encounter he had with a mysterious UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) more than a decade ago while flying over the Pacific Ocean.

Narrating his experience, David Fravor of New Hampshire, claimed that he still doubts the 40-foot long oval-shaped object flying randomly in the sky was anything made by "earthlings". Fravor's revelation came just days after the Pentagon admitted to funding a super-secret project to investigate UFO sightings.

Recalling the incident that he claimed took place in 2004, the former commanding officer of a Navy squadron said that he spotted the wing-less object on the afternoon of 14 November that year, hovering in the sky with "not a cloud" around. "It looked like a flying Tic Tac with incredible capabilities. I'd say I doubt it was something we developed — Earthlings, people of this planet," he told the Boston Herald recently.

Fravor and other pilots of his squadron were diverted to investigate the suspicious craft, which according to a US Navy cruiser's report appeared at a height of around 80,000 feet and later drastically dropped to 20,000 feet.

Fravor said he and his fellow pilots were on a training mission when the incident happened. He chased the flying object in his F-18 and almost reached within a mile, but it accelerated and vanished immediately. "Then all of a sudden, it just accelerates and — poof! — it's gone," Fravor said, adding that the craft also jammed their radar while they were chasing it.

"It accelerated beyond any airplane we have. I've seen just about everything and there's nothing I know of that we were making at that time that has that kind of performance," he said, referring to the mysterious flying object's speed. He added that he was certain it was not an aeroplane.

Fravor, who is affirmative about finding life beyond the earth, said he supported the Pentagon's secret Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program that they shut down in 2012, citing "other, higher priority issues". The $22m (£16m) programme was dedicated to the investigation of UFOs.

The former pilot said he never spoke about the encounter with anyone until recently and is now being chased by many media organisations for more details. He added that he would like the Pentagon to investigate the incident and find out the truth behind that mysterious object.

"I honestly don't think they'll ever get to the bottom of what we saw. I think they [Pentagon] should put an effort into it. We'd be foolish not to, honestly. To think of an infinite universe with multiple galaxies and we're the only ones out there? That's a pretty lonely place, isn't it?" he said.