• England win the toss and Morgan elected to bat first
  • Bangladesh 275/ after 50 overs
  • Mahmudullah 103, Anderson 2/45
  • England 260/10 after 48.3 overs
  • England out of World Cup, Bangladesh make it Quarter Final
Mahmudullah become first Bangaldesh playe to score a century in the World Cup. [Getty]

That's it from us for today. It was a great encounter of the 2015 ICC World Cup. Hope you guys have enjoyed our Live coverage. See you'll tomorrow and until then take care and good bye.


Bangladesh captain Mashrafe Mortaza

"Feel very proud and a special thanks to the team management and coaching staff, and of course to the boys as well. Thought the wicket was really good and we had to bowl well. In the start we were not so good, but in the middle we came back well.

"Mahmudullah scored his first hundred for Bangladesh, and Mushfiqur was also brilliant at the end. I think Rubel Hossain will be very happy now as he picked up four crucial wickets.

"Tamim did feel really bad after that dropped catch, as he is one of our best fielders, but in the end it didn't matter. Really happy for all those people back home who have wanted us to make it this far. This is for you guys. We had a good combination today, especially with the seven batsmen. They showed their guts today, and the bowlers then did a very good job."


England captain Eoin Morgan

"Pretty poor to be knocked out this early from a World Cup. Unbelievably disappointing. I thought the guys bowled well at half time, especially with the short boundaries and the way the wicket played. We bowled reasonably well, but we couldn't quite match it up with the bat.

"I can't pick where it went wrong. I am gutted at the moment. We struggled and fought and fought our way to try and get through to the quarter-finals, and then from there find a way through to the last few games. Again, the changes we made at the start of the tournament were necessary.

"The two again we made today were also necessary. We had gone four games into the group stages without the results we wanted. It ultimately comes down to the performance, and some of them did, but not all of us as a unit. We have tried to address the problem, but obviously it hasn't worked.

"Our expectations were higher than the way we performed, so it is obviously disappointing. No idea what will happen from here. Again, there will be an inquest over the next few weeks to see what went wrong, and then we will go from there."


We will bring in two captains' reaction now.


Bangladesh players celebrate after winning the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup match against England.



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Really impressed by the attitude of our boys. All the boys chipped in and everything went well. I was just trying to bat properly and not think too much. Soumya batted really well, along with Mushy, who was the aggressor towards the end.

We thought we were about 15-20 runs short initially, but we thought that if we got early wickets, then we were in with a chance. For us this victory is really special, and thank to all of the fans for supporting us. Tamim is one of the best fielders in our team, so a catch can be dropped in the match. The way Rubel bowled those last two balls, was just something really special.


Mahmudullah is named the Man of the Match for scoring 103 runs, which was the first century by Bangladesh player in the World Cup.


Bangladesh won by 15 runs and also made it to the quarter final for the first time in their history


Over 49: England 260 for 10: Chris Woakes 42 (40)

Rubel to bowl the penultimate over. First delivery to Broad and he misses the ball and hits the off stump. James Anderson is the last man in the middle and he is on strike. A slip in place for Anderson.

A Yorker and the ball goes to the slip. Woakes wanted a single, but sent back. Another quicker delivery and that's the end of England's innings and they are out of the World Cup.


England are out of the World Cup.


WICKET...!!! James Anderson 0 (2) b Rubel


WICKET...!!! Stuart Broad 9 (6) b Rubel


Over 48: England 260 for 8: Chris Woakes 42 (40), Stuart Broad 9 (5)

Taskin is bowling his ninth over. A young bowler and a wicket will be a massive boost for Bangladesh, if that could be of Woakes, who is on strike. A quick single off the first ball and that brings Broad on strike.

SIX, a short delivery and Broad smashes it over deep midwicket and gets a maximum. Broad flicks it and the fine leg is up. It hits his pad and goes behind the keeper and gets two runs. A no ball and Broad takes a single to third man.

Woakes smashes it to long on and he drops an easy catch, which helps Woakes take a double. A life given to Woakes. It is followed by a quick single. A slower delivery and Broad takes a single and also retains the strike.


Over 47: England 245 for 8: Chris Woakes 38 (37), Stuart Broad 1 (1)

Two deliveries and two wickets, the pressure is on England. Shakib starts his last over to Woakes. FOUR, a sweep towards leg side and goes to the fine leg boundary. Stuart Broad is the new man to face Shakib.

What is Broad going to do now? A very good delivery and Broad takes a single to get off the strike. A dot ball of Shakib's over, followed by another one. Pressure is on Woakes. A fumble at cover forces long off to give cover. Only a single taken and Woakes retains the strike.


Over 46: England 238 for 8: Chris Woakes 32 (32),

Taskin is back into the attack. He has three overs left. Starts with a slower ball and Woakes puts it away to long off and gets a double off the first ball. FOUR, Woakes smashes it over extra cover boundary and that eases pressure off Buttler and England.

A Yorker and Woakes taps it for a single. Buttler taps and the ball goes down the ground and get two more runs. OUT, Buttler tries to beat the short third man and in the process, gives a simple catch to the keeper.

Chris Jordan is the new man in the middle and will face the last ball off this over. A slip in place for Jordan now. He wanted a quick single, but is sent back by Woakes. A direct hit and it is refereed upstairs.

One angle shows the bat was in the air after making the ground. There is drama in the middle as he made it once and then the bat goes in the air when the ball hits the stumps. After a long time, the third umpire gives OUT.


WICKET...!!! Chris Jordan 0 (1) run out


WICKET...!!! Jos Buttler 65 (52) c Mushfiqur b Taskin


Over 45: England 229 for 6: Chris Woakes 25 (29), Jos Buttler 63 (50)

Shakib is back into the attack. He is the key bowler and it time for him to deliver. He missed out on the bat and this is the stage for him to get a breakthrough. Woakes is on strike.

A beautiful drive towards deep cover helps Woakes takes a double off the first ball. It is followed by a dot ball. A quick single helps Woakes gets off the strike. A very good fielding from the fielder at cover as he stops a boundary and Buttler decides against taking a single. It is followed by a single down to long and Woakes takes a single to finish the over.


England need 52 runs to win from 36 balls.


Over 44: England 224 for 6: Chris Woakes 21 (25), Jos Buttler 62 (48)

Rubel Hossain is back into the attack and we are getting to the business end of the match. Bangladesh need wickets and he picked two wickets in the same over, which was that of Ian Bell and Eoin Morgan. Can he strike again?

Woakes on strike and he smashes it over mid on and the ball lands safely. He gets three runs. Buttler on strike and the fine leg is dropping back and so is mid on. No third man. A swing and a miss. On the pads and Buttler flicks it to third man for a single.

A single from Woakes to long on. FOUR, third man inside the circle and it flashes past 5 metres towards is right. England are cruising now. FOUR again he sends it to the same place as there was no change in the field.