Indonesian police are continuing their investigation, following the arrests of 11 suspected militants in a series of coordinated raids across the country last week. Where the Anti-terror squad captured a bomb ready to detonate and extensive bomb making equipment believed to be destined for an attack on a US embassy.

An Indonesian Police Spokesman Boy Rafli Amar Speaking at a news conference confirmed they had the suspects.

This footage shows the Police at one of the raid locations, removing the raw materials for bomb making and instruction books on how to make bombs. Police said the 11 suspects came from a new militant group called Harakah Sunni for the Indonesian Society but gave no further details about the group.

At the moment it's not clear whether the group had any link with Jemiah Islamiah a Southeast Asian militant group linked to al-Qaida, which carried out the Bali bombings in 2002. Where 202 people, mainly foreign nationals, lost their lives in the blasts. But it has been confirmed that not only were the group targeting the US Embassy but also: The, U.S. Consulate General near the Australian Embassy, the office of Freeport in Jakarta, and the headquarters of the police mobile brigade in Central Java". Which would indicate a well-planned organisation, with access to funds, and man power, in spite of its seeming newness.

Written and Presented by Ann Salter