Instagram for Android
Instagram released updated version 1.0.3 for Android Google Play

The makers of the popular Instagram app for the iOS and Android operating systems have recently released an updated version - 1.0.3 - for Android devices. The update is available for download from the Google Play Store.

Tablets and Wi-Fi-enabled handsets running the Android OS can access the app, now that v1.0.3 supports these devices. Moreover, the update allows users to install the app on a microSD card and move it around. The update also fixes an audio mute bug which appears when taking a photograph, as also other smaller fixes and enhancements.

Importantly, according to a Next Web report, the Instagram update does not support the HTC One X smartphone.

How to Install:

There are two ways of installing Instagram v1.0.3 - either through the Google Play Store or through an Application Package file (APK), according to a Techzek report.

Installing from Google Play:

1. Launch the Play Store app and search for the Instagram update

2. Tap on Instagram. If the app has already been downloaded once, the user will see two choices - "Update" and "Uninstall". Others will see "Download". Tap on either "Download" or "Update" according to your need and follow remaining on-screen prompts

Installing from APK

1. Download Instagram's APK; this is the second version

2. Save the file to the device's microSD card

3. Browse through the device's directory to locate the saved file and run programme

The Instagram was released for the Android OS on 3 April and, as with the iOS version, proved to be hugely popular, reaching more than a million downloads inside 23 hours. According to the developers, the Android version has certain features, like Tilt Shift/Blur, Share from Feed, Live Preview and Share to Flicker that have not been included in the first release.

The app itself can run on all Android smartphones (with cameras) that run v2.2 or higher of the OS, with support for OpenGL ES 2 and has language support for English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish.