The Riot Damages Act (1886) says that a claim must be made to the police force within 14 days, and it is important that all business owners act promptly.

The Riot Damages Act applies to any "house, shop or building" which has been damaged, or had its contents damaged, by "any persons riotously and tumultuously assembled together."

Any shop keepers and home owners will need to fill out a form detailing evidence of losses that must be applied for and the person claiming will be required to swear an oath that their claim is genuine. Compensation can be reduced if the property owner fails to take reasonable care when locking up or boarding shops windows up.

Nick Starling, Director of General Insurance and the Association of British insurers has urged all individuals and businesses affected by the rioting to contact insurance companies as soon as possible. Most homes or businesses that were destroyed should be covered by their individual insurance policies.

Individuals and businesses that do not have insurance are likely to faces losses although some may be able to get support from charities and local authorities.

Further Advice

Take Photographs - insurance companies and the police are advising all those affected by the damage to take pictures of all the damage to their properties before cleaning any mess up. Photographs will back up any insurance claim.

Claimants are told to make list of all damages as insurance companies will want to know what they have lost. Recover all receipts.

All claims must be supported by a valid police incident number. Without evidence of crime being committed you will not get the claim paid.

It is important to be honest. Claimants are reminded not to embellish claims ro add irrelevant information. Insurers will ask additional questions and there is no reason to get defensive. Remember there is more chance a claim will be rejected out of hand because of dishonesty and embellishment.