The famous Homer Simpson once said, "Alcohol is the cause and solution to all of life's problems." Let's solve all your problems for today and focus on the positives as it happens to be International Beer Day!

This holiday is all about celebrating mankind's common thirst for one of our most beloved beverages. Jesse Avshalomov founded International Beer Day on Aug 5, 2007, to unite the world under the banner of beer, and celebrate the beers of all nations on a single day. His incredible idea went viral, and it is now a respected and loved tradition by beer aficionados everywhere.

International Beer Day is a global celebration of the taste of beer and those responsible for brewing and serving it, whether in a pub, brewery, or your neighbour's backyard. It is celebrated worldwide on the first Friday of every August.

If you're a newbie to this holiday, here are five ways how you can celebrate this awesome day:

Go drinking with friends!

International beer day is best celebrated with friends and family. A little beer goes a long way in terms of sparking great conversation and making memorable moments.

Find a pub or brewery celebrating International Beer Day

If you're more comfortable drinking with a crowd of strangers (and maybe soon-to-be friends), you should check pubs in your area that might be celebrating this holiday and partake in any cool events and activities they may be hosting.

Pay it forward

Beer always tastes better when you're not the one paying. One international beer day tradition is to give the gift of beer to others and encourage them to do the same. This won't only be a great conversation starter, but you may find your drink tasting better too after your act of altruism.

Try beer from other cultures

Today's the day to try something new and exciting! International Beer Day was created to celebrate and unite beer from all nations. Take a chance on a new flavour; it might even be your new favourite.

Give thanks to the people responsible for your beer

Use this day to thank your local brewer and bartenders who have been serving you drinks and listening to your stories all year. On International Beer Day, you must tell these people that you appreciate what they do.

Leave a tip, write them a short note, or take the time to thank them. Let them know that their hard work hasn't been unnoticed and maybe even put a smile on their faces.

Craig Barritt/Getty Images for New York