As Graceland prepares to commemorate 40 years since the passing of Elvis Presley, a parrot has shown that appreciation for the music of The King spans all species.

In a two-minute clip recorded by YouTube user Mark Muldoon, a pair of of white cockatoos are shown being serenaded with a performance of Elvis' ballad Don't Be Cruel — although one appears much more impressed than the other.

In a testament to the power and subjectivity of musical tastes, the rock-loving cockatoo begins bobbing his head to the music more aggressively, while his partner adamantly refuses to join in and appears somewhat embarrassed by his friend's antics.

As the song progresses however, the power of the guitar takes hold, and our rock and roll loving bird simply cannot help but show shows its true appreciation in the only way it knows how — unveiling its elaborate plumage to evoke a fitting Elvis hairstyle.

A slave to the rhythm, the music obsessed cockatoo tries again to engage its reluctant friend, but only succeeds in making his potential dance partner step away in annoyance.

However, seemingly undeterred, the quiff-sporting pet begins to headbang, throwing caution to the wind and causing the disinterested bird to look away in disgust.

The hilarious interaction concludes when, losing himself completely, the music-loving animal spreads its wings in exultation — the classic pose of every extroverted party-goer — causing his partner to fly from the perch in frustration.

The clip, originally uploaded in 2015, gained a second wind when it set Twitter ablaze on April Fool's Day, this Saturday (1 April).

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The two cockatoos display vastly differing reactions to Elvis' music Twitter

A tweet of the clip by Phil Lewis, credited to @Stevosideways has been retweeted over 30,000 times and "liked" more by more than 50,000 users.

Scottish National Party MP James Dornan had perhaps the most fitting response, posting: "The non dancing one is like the missus used to her man making a fool of himself at parties."