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Actor joins the Justice League cast in an antagonistic role Niklas Halle'n / Getty

Update: This turned out to be an April Fool's joke - good one Screenrant.

DC fans may finally see their dream coming true as old friends Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are set to share screen space in their first superhero movie together. However, contrary to popular expectation, Damon will not be seen playing Batman's sidekick Robin. He is likely to don the role of antagonist Darkseid.

And all this would take place in the upcoming ensemble movie, Justice League.

Fans may find this latest bit of information odd, considering Steppenwolf was supposed to be the "unknown threat" uniting Earth's superheroes. But, producer Charles Roven recently spilled the beans and revealed that Damon would play Darkseid.

Roven made the revelations at a recent Producers Guild of America event, where (perhaps) unintentionally he let the information about Damon's role slip, according to Screenrant.

"Zack [Snyder] has had his vision of what these characters can be, and you're seeing that building with each movie. Justice League is going to, we believe, connect people to these heroes even more," the DC movie producer said. "Ben's [Affleck] Batman is finding hope, but also finding newer, younger people that the audience will hopefully connect to. And then we'll keep building on that as we go."

He then gave out a vital piece of information, which could mean a whole lot of changes in the DC Extended Universe. "It's the same thinking with Darkseid, who we've had Matt Damon give a performance for," Roven revealed adding, "even in the few scenes you get with him, there's more going on than just a typical bad guy. You want to know his story, but that comes later."

Justice League
Justice League hits theatres on 17 November 2017 Warner Bros

Whether that was a conscious disclosure or a mere slip, only time can tell. But one thing's certain; DC fans would be more than excited to see Damon bring the CGI character of the monstrous villain to life. However, it might just be a cameo for the Oscar winner, who in Roven's words performed just a "few scenes".

In Justice League, the villainous acts are believed to be carried out by Steppenwolf – the monstrous uncle of Darkseid in the comics – at the command of his nephew. While Damon's character may not be the central terrorising force in Justice League part I, rumour has it that the villain may return in the sequel for a more prominent role.

Justice League hits theatres on 17 November 2017.