iOS 5 Jailbreak: How to Install Siri on A4 Devices Using Spire and Free WordJelly [VIDEO] Reuters/Robert Galbraith

The iPhone 4S has been in the news ever since it was introduced seven months ago and one of the major reasons why it has remained so popular is Siri - Apple's voice-activated personal assistant. In fact, so popular has it become that people with older models of iPhones have been looking for proper Siri server software.

The lack of official support for Siri is disappointing, considering the fact that Apple's programme does work well even on older iOS devices. Users interested in bringing Siri to older iPhone were, up until now, using Spire software from hacker Grant Paul, despite the software being limited as a result of needed a proxy server. These servers are accessible only for monthly rentals to service providers and could wind up being a more expensive proposition than simply buying the iPhone 4S.

According to Redmond Pie, a 21 year old developer named Rotastrain has created the WordJelly Siri server, to bring Siri access to all iOS users regardless of the device model and make. The new Siri server app also adds Twitter and Facebook integration, while also offering access to financial information and emails, part of which isn't even available in the official Siri software.

The catch is that WordJelly Siri server is provided free of charge to all iOS users having access to chpwn's Spire tweak. Boasting a rich set of feature integration such as Music, Notes Reminders, SMS apps and social networks - Twitter and Facebook - the app provides a unique offering with single voice command access to all key features.

If you are an iOS user stranded with older generation devices and craving some Siri fun, you should definitely give it a shot. Besides, the server app is also compatible with the quintessential AssistantExtensions package that is available within Cydia.

As with all free apps, we should take it with a pinch of salt. A free service is more likely to suffer periods of overloading and degraded service, compared to an official version of Siri.

Watch the Video Tutorial below for installation instructions [Credit: Redmond Pie]