iOS 6.1
iOS 6.1 Untethered Jailbreak Imminent, After Pod2g Dares Apple to Release iOS 6.1

News of an impending untethered jailbreak and the rapid progress achieved by the Dream Team of hackers has been gaining momentum in the past few days. Planetbeing and pod2g had earlier shed some light on their latest progress with the highly anticipated public release of the iOS 6 jailbreak. The former even suggested that there is a bright future for jailbreaking and that they had not seen the end yet.

Now, pod2g's latest tweet further strengthens the hope that the Dream Team is confident of unleashing the public release of the untethered jailbreak soon after Apple comes out with iOS 6.1. The veteran hacker had this to say in his latest tweet, while daring Apple to release iOS 6.1:

"Come on Apple. Release that 6.1 now! /cc @planetbeing@pimskeks @MuscleNerd"

As iPhone Hacks notes, pod2g's newest tweet hints that the hackers have a jailbreak ready for release, but maybe holding it back till Apple releases iOS 6.1. Just a few days back the Dream Team duo (planetbeing and pod2g) unearthed two new vulnerabilities and pod2g hinted they were still looking for an executable hack code for the public release of the jailbreak. It now seems they may have found the way with a major breakthrough.

Apple's public release for iOS 6.1 seems just around the corner as the fourth beta version of iOS 6.1 expires on 28 January. As iDownloadBlog asserts, Apple is unlikely to wait until the beta 4 expires and may either release the beta 5 or the golden master (final version before public release) anytime soon (presumably on 24 or 25 January).

If the prediction comes true, the public release of iOS 6.1 and hence the untethered jailbreak release may see the light of day by the end of January. Jailbreakers are advised to hold off iOS 6.1 upgrade for now (to avoid losing existing jailbreaks) and wait until the Dream Team confirms the release for public version of iOS 6.1 jailbreak (as the feat looks closer than ever).