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Once priding itself on its intense levels of secrecy around new products, Apple has revealed images of many early iPhone and iPad prototypes in the ongoing legal battle with Samsung.

iPhone prototype

These images, which were never intended for public viewing, show the many different designs Apple tried out before eventually launching the original iPhone in 2007, and then the iPad in 2010.

Although little is known about each prototype, and it's not known when they were all made, they show how Apple experimented with iPod-based designs, widescreens and button-less designs before coming up with the final version.

Apple started working on the iPad before the iPhone, but when the touch screen technology was seen by the board of directors it was decided that a smartphone and touchscreen iPod should be given priority, while the iPad was delayed by several years.

The images in this gallery show how the iPhone developed from taking features of older iPods, into what was launched in 2007 and what we use today.

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