The Islamic State, formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis), has called on its members to retaliate against US interests as the American military continues to strike their positions in northern Iraq.

According to SITE Intelligence, a jihadist monitoring service, Islamic militants are taking to radical Islamic forums to issue a rallying cry to its members in hope of evening the odds against an airforce which is hampering the group's efforts to consolidate and expand their "Caliphate".

Jihadi media group, Tarjuman al-Asawirti, proposed targeting oil interests in the Gulf.

"The Arabian region will be ignited, the oil wells and supply lines to the West will be blown up. You have entered a battle with lions of a different type. To kill America lies in oil. It must be cut to end the life of America. Destroying the destructive American economy will bring America to its knees, and this is through the supply lines in the Gulf," said al-Asawirti.

Other jihadists and jihadi media groups have taken to Twitter to express their frustration towards the US planned strikes and motivate supporters of the IS, using a hashtag that translates into, "Obama Announces the Bombardment of the Islamic State".

Taking the lead is the prominent jihadist Abu al-Ayna al-Khorasani, an administrator of the top-tier jihadi forum Shumukh al-Islam, who tweeted on 8 August 2014, calling for fighters to unite and calling the US airstrikes an open war against Islam.

"The infidel America strikes the monotheists in Yemen and Somalia and now in Iraq, and tomorrow, maybe in Sham. It is a clear message that the war is against Islam and the mujahideen. The mujahideen must strive and seek to execute proactive operations in their own home, America, to discipline America and its criminal soldiers," said Abu al-'Ayna.

Mujahideen, plural of the word 'mujahid', is derived from the Arabic word 'jihad', meaning 'to struggle', and most commonly refers to Muslim fighters struggling to further the beliefs of Islam. It is noteworthy reinstating that the beliefs are subjective to their own interpretation of the religion.

Another jihadist shared a design, which he called, "A Message to President Obama", showing a missile fired through President Obama's head. The message next to the design read: "As for you Obama, we have prepared for you a deadly poison and a sharp sword, and we have filled for you a cup brimming with the winds of death and the scent of demise."

Meanwhile, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced that all US flights are now banned from flying over Iraqi airspace "due to the hazardous situation" on the ground while Turkish Airlines are suspending flights to Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region of Iraq (KRI), until further notice because of similar security concerns.