Vladimir Putin is a man, who knows a good photo opportunity, when he sees one. Whether it is tracking a Siberian tiger, posing with a polar bear, or stripped to his waist, muscles rippling, climbing, hunting or fishing. His latest wheeze though is piloting a motorised hand glider to help lead a flock of endangered cranes on their migration. Take a look at this.

First things first, round up the geese that look quite happy mooching around - not sure, if the nuclear suit is necessary though. Then it's over to Putin, looking nervous, trussed up in the hand glider, watching the nosy crane to his left, who is poking around.

Goggles on, ready for lift off, there is a bit of groaning in the background, not sure if it's the geese sounding worried or the glider creaking.

Then up pops the pilot and with a quick sweep down nature's highway, they are up, up and away in the blue yonder with the young Siberian geese on either side, flying shot gun.

The exercise in the Yamal peninsula was aimed at prompting the birds, who were born into captivity to follow the plane, and hence prepare them for their migration route, as part of the "Flight of Hope" project to protect the endangered, white Siberian Crane.

Written and presented by Ann Salter.