Israel Discovers Hamas Cell in Ramallah
Israel Discovers Hamas Cell in Ramallah

Israel security forces have exposed a Hamas cell operating in the Ramallah region and arrested two suspected terrorists reportedly involved in the lynching of two IDF reservists.

The arrests took place in June, following a joint operation from Israeli Security Agency (ISA) the Israel Defence Forces and the Israeli Police.

Officials said the underground infrastructure was headed by regional Hamas leaders and operated in Ramallah and its region.

Two militants reportedly confessed to having participated in the lynching of two IDF reservists Cpl. Vadim Norzitz and Staff Sgt. Yossi Avrahami at a Palestinian police station in Ramallah in 2000 . The two Israelis were taken to the police station after getting lost in the city.

A statement identified the Palestinians involved in the IDF soldiers' killings as 51-year-old Maruan Abrahim Ma'adi , and 40-year-old Yasser Abrahim Muhmad Hata'ab .

The two suspects were charged at the Judea Military Court on August 5, police said.

"We notified the families of the victims about the arrests after the investigation, and before publication of it. We acted with sensitivity," police spokesman Dudi Asraf added.

"We told the families that the Israel Police and the security forces have not forgotten their sons, and that those involved in the crime will be tried irrespective of the 12 years that passed since the crime was committed," Asraf added.