As expected the Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed a narrow victory in Israel's parliamentary election and talks are already underway to the formation of a co alition government.

The good news was tempered a little though as the current Likud-Beitenu alliance lost a quarter of its seats in parliament, although it remains the largest grouping with 31 seats.

This analyst explained the likely pairings and its impact on the Netanyahu government.

"The most likely coalition formation is Netanyahu taking Yesh Atid with Yair Lapid and the new party of Nafatali Bennett and then he is having a solid base for a coalition with a majority - with one party on the left, one party on the right of the Likud and then he can add more parties to make the coalition more stable."

Official vote results will be announced on Jan. 30 when the President will formally ask Netanyahu to form a new government. I am Ann salter thanks for watching. Stay tuned for the latest news on the Israel elections with me at

Written and presented by Ann Salter