The body of the seventh victim of the Costa Concordia tragedy was found by a rescue team, though 29 people are still missing, according to latest media reports.

Black box recordings of the ship released by Italian authorities have revealed that Francesco Schettino, the captain of the ship, ignored repeated requests to return to the ship.

Passengers of the luxury vessel were left to themselves to figure out the safety mechanisms in the ship leading to complete pandemonium inside the ship. The crew of Costa Concordia struggled to calm the passengers as they jostled for safety jackets.

Costa Concordia had reportedly not given the mandatory safety drills to its passengers at the beginning of its journey.

It was reported that the ship has tilted further, increasing fears of a major oil spill in the Mediterranean and damage to the eco system of a nearby nature reserve. The ship is believed to be carrying 2,300 tonnes of fuel.

An inside look at Costa Concordia to get a glimpse of the harrowing experience the passengers went through when the ship sank: