JLR’s Jaguar F-Pace crossover expected to boost company sales and brand image
The F-Pace is expected to be placed alongside the recently launched “baby Jaguar” XE and XF models Reuters

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is preparing to launch the F-Pace "crossover" to boost sales. Andy Goss, global sales director at the Coventry-headquartered company expects the launch of the F-Pace to make Jaguar a "global brand".

At present, the car market is abuzz with launches from crossover vehicles and small SUVs, which are attracting buyers. The primary reason for the boost in the segment is attributed to the styling and driving position, wherein the driver is seated higher – unlike traditional cars.

"Commercially the F-Pace is the most important Jaguar since the E-Type. It's a truly global car. The world over, customers love SUVs, be they small, medium or large. It's not always the case that every single market is in love with sedans, they are under a bit of pressure globally. SUVs are not and therefore we think the time is great for the F-Pace," Goss said.

For the Jaguar brand, this is a new segment, tapping into which will give it the potential to match sales of its sister marquee, the Land Rover, Goss explained. "Land Rover is a global brand. The world over everyone expects to see Land Rovers everywhere. Realistically over the past couple of decades, Jaguar has not been a global brand because we have not had the product portfolio to go with the brand," he added.

While the F-Pace is expected to be placed alongside the recently launched "baby Jaguar" XE and XF models, Goss said that the new crossover "will get us out of this ratio of four Land Rovers to one Jaguar, that has got to change".

"[The] target is getting the ratio of Jaguar to Land Rover sales to one-third-two thirds. Jaguar has significant headroom and we decided some years ago that's what we want to do and the brand absolutely deserves it," he explained.

Indian conglomerate Tata acquired JLR from Ford in 2009 in a $2.3bn (£1.64bn, €2.11bn) deal. JLR has since received an investment of £11bn. In 2015 the company sold 487,000 vehicles, double of what it sold in 2009, according to The Telegraph.

When asked about the total vehicle sales JLR was expecting for 2016, Goss refused to give a number, but said, "it would be very disappointing if did not starts with a six." He added that Jaguar sales would then be a "strong 100,000-plus", which is more than the current 90,000 level.

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