Jaguar F-Pace
Connected Jaguar F-Pace concept uses Intel technology to stay in sync with the owner's house Jaguar Land Rover

Joining the largest collection of car companies at CES than ever before, Jaguar Land Rover is using the Las Vegas technology show to reveal a connected version of the F-Pace, built in partnership with Intel. The car features a new infotainment system and connects to the owner's house.

One of two cars produced by Jaguar and Intel, the F-Pace concept offers a look at how Jaguars of the near future will communicate with their owner's house to provide a seamless and more intuitive link between the two. For example, the car will continue playing the music you had on in the house when you get into it.

It can also set its climate control to the same temperature as in the house, and a rear-facing camera automatically streams video to the owner if the car senses someone trying to open its boot. A bunch of small electronic tags to be fitted to the driver's possessions let the car know what items are inside it. If you get out and leave your phone and bag behind, the Jaguar F-Pace will alert you and even pinpoint where in the vehicle you have left them.

Connecting the car with the home through Intel's cloud technology is a key feature here. When you get into the car, you are asked if you want to set the house to "away mode", which switches off all electronic devices, such as the television.

Although the system show off at CES fits neatly with the car's existing interior and features, it is still firmly a concept for now, a demonstration of features that could be possible in the future. Matt Jones, director of future technology at Jaguar Land Rover, said: "We don't yet know what the customer is going to want and when, but by working on these different technologies we can work that out. We've got some fantastic ideas, but at the moment that's all they are."