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  • Hamilton wins first Japanese Grand Prix
  • Nasr only retirement of the race
  • Rosberg starts on pole
Lewis Hamilton

Even though a boring race out front, it was an entertaining one behind the leader, a lot of overtaking and strategy involved. Hamilton took his first win in Japan to extend his lead in the Drivers' Championship. Roberg had to settle for second after losing the lead at the end of Turn 1 and dropping to fourth at the end of Lap 1.

The Ferrari duo came in behind the Mercedes cars with Kimi making up one position to finish in fourth behind his teammate Vettel, who pushed Rosberg all the way after yielding 2nd place to the German during the second round pit stops.

There was a lot of action in the middle of the pack with Lotus, Force India and Toro Rosso battling for the final points scoring positions. The McLaren-Honda cars had a home race to forget after failing to compete with the cars around them. Fernando Alonso was a frustrated man on the track and could land in some hot water for his comments against the team.

Well, after the shock of Singapore, normalcy has resumed with Mercedes back on the top step of the podium. Next stop is Russia on October 11.

LAP 53/53 - Hamilton wins for the first time in Suzuka, Rosberg second after starting on pole. Vettel continues his good run and comes in third.

HAMILTON WINS!!! Mercedes are back on form.

LAP 53/53 - Hamilton on his final lap!! Easy win for the Briton

LAP 52/53 - Felipe Nasr becomes the first retiree of the race. A great drive from Hulkenburg to make it to sixth place from 13th on the grid.

LAP 51/53 - 2 laps to go!! Top three looking comfortable

LAP 49/53 - Kimi has been mathematically ruled out of the title race as it stands. It's a three-way battle for the title now. Hamilton's current form makes it difficult think of any other outcome apart from him defending his title.

LAP 48/53 - I think it's the first time this season, that we have had all the cars on the track at this late stage in the race. There has also been lot of overtaking in the middle of the pack, but it has been clean racing all through.

LAP 47/53 - Vettel is 2.4 seconds behind Rosberg, as Bottas reduces the gap to Kimi to 3.3 seconds

LAP 45/53 - Rosberg being held up by battle between Perez and Ericsson.

LAP 42/53 - Rosberg getting the benefit of the traffic as the gap climbs back to 1.7 seconds between him and Vettel.

LAP 41/53 - Vettel is now just a second behind Rosberg. The traffic did help the Ferrari driver

LAP 40/53 - Hamilton has cleared a number of back markers, as Vettel begins to close in on Rosberg.

LAP 37/53 - A great drive from Hulkenburg, who is in sixth after starting in 13th place. Both the Toro Rosso's are in the points now.

LAP 34/53 - Hamilton has also completed his second stop. He is now 10 seconds ahead of his teammate in second.

LAP 33/53 - Sainz and Perez battling for ninth place, as Hamilton sets another fastest lap of the race. He was 1.3 seconds faster than Rosberg in that lap.

LAP 32/53 - Hamilton looking comfortable in the lead and is yet to stop. He is quite oblivious to the happenings behind him.

LAP 31/53 - Vettel in for his stop and comes out just behind Rosberg and he is now in second place. It will be difficult for the Ferrari driver to now catch the German.

LAP 30/53 - Ferrari make the under cut work as Kimi passes Bottas after the Williams driver makes his second stop along with Rosberg. the Mercedes driver trying the under cut on Vettel

LAP 28/53 - Sainz comes in for a front nose change after hitting the bar on the entrace to the pits. Kimi comes in for his second stop, another set of hard tyres for the Finn.

LAP 28/53 - Kimi is getting closer to Bottas, but is unable to find a way past his compatriot.

LAP 27/53 - That could lead to a reprimand to the driver, or maybe more.

LAP 27/53 - Verstappen gets his man down the main straight, in tenth place now. Alonso is absolutely frustrated, screams 'GP2 engine' after that overtake.

LAP 25/53 - Hamilton is close to 12 seconds ahead of Vettel, as the German tries to maintain the two second gap to Rosberg.

LAP 24/53 - Verstappen and Alonso battling for the final point. The Spaniard twice the age of the Dutchman behind.

LAP 23/53 - Vettel has responded after being told to maintain a two second gap to Rosberg in third.

LAP 22/53 - Kimi has closed in on Bottas, can he beat his compatriot this time around. Bottas is normally a very hard man to overtake.

LAP 21/53 - Hamilton is pulling away from Vettel and Rosberg is catching him at a rapid pace as well.

LAP 20/53 - Alonso in the points and looking comfortable with both the Red Bull and Toro Rosso behind him unable to put any pressure.

LAP 20/53 - The Red Bull team is having a dreadful race. Kvyat driving with reliability issues, while Ricciardo is at the back of the pack after his first lap skirmish with Massa.

LAP 19/53 - Hamilton sets the fastest lap of the race and is eight seconds ahead of Vettel in second, who in turn is 3.7 seconds ahead of Rosberg in third.

LAP 18/53 - Rosberg has got past Bottas in a jiffy, how long before he reels in Vettel now?

LAP 16/53 - Rosberg has not managed to beat either of Vettel or Bottas, as Hamilton comes in for his stop and comes out in the lead on the medium compound tyres.

LAP 15/53 - 'Box, box, box' is the call for Rosberg

LAP 15/53 - Kimi comes in for his stop and comes in fifth. Rosberg is pushing, can he jump both Vettel and Bottas during his stop. The Mercedes duo yet to stop.

LAP 14/53 - Ferrari going for a different strategy from the cars around them. Kimi, Rosberg and Hamilton yet to pit.

LAP 14/53 - Sebastian Vettel called into the pits. The hard compound tyres are being prepped

LAP 13/53 - Bottas is flying after his stop. Fastest man in the middle sector.

LAP 12/53 - Hamilton is over seven seconds ahead of Vettel in second, while the German is a similar distance ahead of Rosberg now in third.

LAP 11/53 - Bottas comes in for his first stop. The under cut is out of the window. Rosberg is asked to push. Great move by Williams, taking the fight to Mercedes.

LAP 11/53 - Kimi is keeping Rosberg honest, but is starting lose more time now. Bottas looking comfortable in third place. I wonder if Rosberg is thinking of the under cut here. The two-stop window opens on Lap 16

LAP 9/53 - This will be Max Verstappen's last race as a 17-year-old. Daniil Kvyat is the first driver to come in for his scheduled stop. Looks like a three-stop strategy for the Russian.

LAP 8/53 - Track temperature is the highest it has been all weekend, as Hamilton continues to increase the gap.

LAP 7/53 - Rosberg is struggling to get past Bottas, and to make matters worse, his engineer has told him not to attack for five laps.

LAP 6/53 - Lot of overtaking in the middle of the pack. The McLaren's are the victims as the Sauber and Toro Rosso cars fly past them.

LAP 4/53 - Replays show an aggressive Hamilton leaving Rosberg no room on their exit from Turn 1, that's the reason his teammate is in fourth

LAP 3/53 - Hamilton is now close to 2 seconds ahead of Vettel, with the German ahead of Bottas by a second. Massa finally makes the pits, and he needs a tyre and nose change.

LAP 1/53 - Massa and Ricciardo came together at the start, The Brazilian has a damaged suspension, while the Australian has come into the pits with a left rear puncture.

Rosberg has gone from first to fourth place in the space of two turns. Hamilton leads with Vettel in second and Bottas in third.

RED LIGHTS ARE OFF!! 2015 Japanese GP is GO!!

Drivers lining up!!

The strategies are completely unknown. The overnight rain has made the track a bit green. It is normally a two-stop, but could be three today

Drivers on their formation lap. Only Jenson Button on the hard tyres. All the other cars on the Medium compounds.

It's almost race time, some temperatures from Lotus


National Anthem

Here are some key statistics for the 2015 Japanese Grand Prix from McLaren-Honda

And the Lotus boys are off!! Grosjean in 8th and Maldonado in 11th

30 MINS TO GO!!!!

Japanese Grand Prix race stewards having a bit of fun ahead of the race.

The Lotus team are packed and stacked. Ready to race!!

A great bit of trivia about Japan from the boys at Williams.

All thoughts today will be with Jules Bianchi.

Good Morning and welcome to the live coverage of the 2015 Japanese Grand Prix. Live lap-by-lap coverage begins from 6am BST.

The question for the 14th race of the season is, can Nico Rosberg beat Hamilton and start making in roads on the Briton's lead in the Drivers' championship.