A man accused of stalking Jennifer Lawrence was being held without bail after a judge declared him a danger to the Hollywood actress and her family.

Han Cong Zhao from Vancouver has been accused of repeatedly harassing the Hunger Games star by sending hundreds of texts and voicemails to her brother Blaine Lawrence.

He was arrested and was been held in police custody pending the outcome of his criminal trial.

According to FBI special agent Nicholas Zarro, Zhao claimed in many of the messages that Oscar-winning Lawrence was in danger and he wanted to "protect" her.

The defendant also made references to the Bible and threatened her family members if they did not put him in contact with her, Zarro said.

"You got me really upset and when I'm upset, let's see what happens," Zhao wrote to Blaine Lawrence.

Zhao is said to have used computer programs to hide his identity and location, He travelled to Louisville, Kentucky, where the 23-year-old actress and her family live.

Judge Dave Whalin ruled that Zhao had no ties to Kentucky and posed an immediate danger to the Lawrence family or others if freed.

"Mr Zhao has no connections here and apparently no strong connections in Canada," Whalin said. "The evidence is strong. He presents a danger."

Zhao was charged with interstate stalking and repeated harassing phone communications. He is scheduled to appear before a federal grand jury by mid-October.