BBc cameraman
Jeremy Corbyn looks around as he arrives at Savoy Place Getty

Jeremy Corbyn's day has gone from bad to worse after his car ran over a BBC cameraman's foot. The Labour leader was on his way for talks on the party's now-leaked manifesto.

BBC cameraman Giles Wooltorton needed an ambulance after Corbyn's car ran over his foot outside of the Labour's 'clause V' meeting in central London.

Wooltorton was not seriously hurt in the incident and the meeting at Savoy Place went ahead as planned.

The aim of the clause V meeting is to finalise the manifesto before its official launch next week.

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg was among those seen with Wooltorton as he sat on the ground waiting for medical assistance,

The incident arrived after Labour's 43-page manifesto was leaked ahead of schedule, revealing the party's plans to nationalise the rail networks and Royal Mail, build 100,000 new council houses per year and abolish tuition fees.

The Conservatives described the manifesto a "total shambles" that would "unleash chaos on Britain".

The leak resulted in Corbyn pulling out of the unveiling of Labour's official General Election campaign poster.

BBc cameraman
Giles Wooltorton, a cameraman who works for the BBC sits on the ground after his foot was injured Reuters