Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has warned that Twitter is allowing the football hooliganism of the 80s and 90s to become socially acceptable once again.

After claiming that much of the foul and racist language used in football stadiums had been stamped out, it was still "socially acceptable" on Twitter.

Jeremy Hunt said before the Downing Street summit to tackle homophobia and racism in football: "The behaviour of crowds has been that something that was socially acceptable 20 years ago is now socially unacceptable. Unfortunately, it seems still to be socially acceptable on Twitter."

The summit and subsequent comments from the Cultural Secretary follow a number of high-profile cases involving Premier League players in racism rows.

Patrice Evra was apparently targeted alongside Anton Ferdinand after their on-field feuds with Liverpool striker Luis Suarez and England captain John Terry respectively.

The comments regarding Twitter come in the wake of the FA warning West Ham starlet Ravel Morrison about his use of homophobic language on the micro-blogging site.

Newcastle striker Sammy Ameobi, Manchester City Micah Richards and Manchester United wing-back Patrice Evra are also reported to receiving racist remarks on the social network.