After weeks of controversey, finally some good publicity for Magaluf as TV presenter Jeremy Kyle is reportedly pepper-sprayed in the popular party town.

A bouncer at one of the Spanish resort's clubs is said to have sprayed Kyle after he attempted to enter with cameramen while filming a new television project.

Writing in the Daily Star, Gogglebox favourite Scarlett Moffat, who claims to have witnessed events, said: "It was clear to all that Jeremiah wasn't making a show to promote Maga and wanted to dish the dirt in the name of shock entertainment, where his viewers can judge what they don't understand.

"While he may've thought clubbers too wasted to recognise how out of place he looked," she continues. "He didn't account for the workers unprepared for their beloved party island to face another slagging.

"It ended with Jezza being pepper-sprayed by the bouncer and the poor fella was as confused as one of his show guests getting a full house on the lie-detector machine."

A hugely popular holiday destination, Magaluf recently hit the headlines when a video appeared online depicting a 21-year-old British woman performing sex acts on 24 men after being led to believe she would win a holiday. "A holiday" ended up being the name of a drink.