The seaside resort of Magaluf in Spain
The seaside resort of Magaluf in Spain Wikicommons

The woman at the centre of the sex video went viral after being posted online is from a deeply religious family.

The two-minute footage of the 18-year-old has stirred anger among women's rights groups for the practice of slut-shaming: condemning a woman for having numerous sexual partners.

The County Armagh teenager is now in hiding. A friend told the Irish Mirror that her family believe she is a victim, saying: 'She is a lovely girl but she's been looking for excitement. She made a terrible mistake a few weeks ago and she has been fully forgiven. Everyone is devastated.

'She has been a victim, a target of evil, of wickedness and she has most definitely been led astray.'

The girl believed she would win a holiday for taking part in the game, but the 'prize' turned out to be a €5 drink.

The video shows the woman performing 24 sex acts on men as they stand on a dancefloor in the tourist area of Magaluf.

'God will see them through this,' the family friend added.

'It may be a positive thing that this story has got out because now the situation can be addressed and she can regain her strength and dignity.

'The family is very strong and very much at one with The Lord.

'While others may see what she is said to have done as an act of depravity, we see it as something quite different.

'She went into the world and it got the better of her. We need protection in this world and somehow she dropped her Godly protection for a moment – but that's all it takes.'

The sex-game craze is said to be an example of 'mamading' – a game where bars encourage young women to perform sex acts in return for free alcohol.

'Mamada' is a Spanish slang term for performing a sex act.