John McAfee, the former software tycoon on the run from police in Belize over the murder of his neighbour, was rushed to hospital last night in Guatemala after complaining of chest pains.

Taken out of his cell where he was being held on a stretcher, his lawyer claimed McAfee had suffered two mild heart attacks, but later said he was hit by stress and hypertension after being denied political asylum in Guatemala.

McAfee crossed the border from Guatemala after fleeing Belize police, who wanted to question the 67 year old about the murder of his neighbour, fellow American Gregory Faull. But Guatemalan authorities want to send McAfee back to Belize, where he says he will be 'summarily executed'. The Prime Minsiter of Belize, Dean Barrow, has already dismissed the notion calling McAfee 'paranoid'' and 'bonkers'.

McAfee has now been returned to the detention centre, with President of Guatemela Otto Perez Molina saying that McAfee will be deported to belize.

He said, "If he comes from Belize after the murder of his neighbour, it doesn't give us the impression that there's any kind of political persecution but that there is a fear of the ongoing investigation. So we're not going to allow people who are trying to flee an investigation to come here to Guatemala. In any case, what we ask of Mr. McAfee is to show his face."

After being denied asylum on Thursday, McAfee's lawyers appealed, giving him another 48 hours in Guatemala.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner