John McAfee, the American anti-software pioneer who is facing desportation from Guatemala to Belize to face questions over the murder of his neighbour, has claimed that returning to the United States is now his only hope.

Speaking from his cell in the Guatemala detention centre, the 67 year old broadcast his views in a webcast from his blog

"Have I considered returning to the U.S.? Absolutely that is my only hope now. It is clear, in the last few weeks since I started my blog, that I cannot ever return to Belize. My blog, the issues that I am discussing, are hurting the government, they are hurting tourism, tourism accounts for over 70% of all the employment in Belize. The government was mad at me before; they're seriously mad at me now. There is no hope for my life if I am ever returning to Belize."

McAfee believes he is being persecuted by the Belize authorities, who seek to question him over the killing of fellow American Gregory Faull. But the Prime Minister of Belize, Dan Barrow, has expressed doubts over the software tycoon's mental health, calling McAfee 'paranoid' and 'bonkers'.

McAfee fled Belize and illegally crossed the border into Guatemala along with his 20 year old girlfriend Samantha Vanegas. He was hospitalised last week suffering chest pains upon the news that Guatemala had rejected his bid for poltical asylum and that the country would seek to expel him to Belize. His laywers have filed several appeals to block his deportation, and it could take months for the matter to be resolved.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner