Finnish start-up Jolla has shown off its Sailfish operating system for mobile devices for the first time. At the Slush technology conference in Helsinki the company show unveiled its continuation of the previous MeeGo project that was abandoned by Nokia in favour of Windows Phone.

The launch video seen here reveals that Sailfish has a similar interface to the upcoming Blackberry 10 OS, with open apps, menus and more information all accessible with a single swipe from the home screen. The company claim this will offer effortless multitasking, as various apps can run at the same time whilst still being controlled from the home screen.

With the tagline 'Unlike the Ordinary', Jolla says that they have the freedom of no history, legacy or market position, so they can make a fresh start in the smartphone sector.

Jolla wants the operating system to appear on a wide range of devices, from smartphones to tablets to smart TVs. The company plan on launching their own smartphone, as well as making the software available to other phone makers.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner