Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had a peaceful time in Canada together. Reuters

Selena Gomez had a relaxing holiday with on-off boyfriend Canadian pop star Justin Bieber.

The Come and Get It singer who was on a vacation in Canada with the 20-year-old posted an image on her Instagram.

"NY bound.peaceful trip. ☺️ I smuggled my hot Cheetos. They were the kind with lime though," she captioned the image.

After multiple break-ups, the Baby singer and Gomez are now committed to work on their relationship.

"Selena was really excited to get out of town with Justin," a source close to Gomez told Hollywood Life. "He promised her a trip full of surprises. He planned everything out himself but didn't tell her any of the details because he wanted to spoil her and surprise her."

However, Gomez's friends are not happy that the two are back together, including her best friend Taylor Swift.

"Selena's friends have given up trying to get her to break-up with Justin, evenTaylor's stopped giving her grief over it," another source told the website. "They think she's crazy for taking him back, but they're not going to punish her for it."

Meanwhile, it was previously reported that Bieber is planning to propose Gomez with a $1m (£600,000) engagement ring.

"He gets to her because she feels protective of him and he uses that to his advantage, he even cries and begs and that always melts her heart because she loves him and can't stand to see him cry," the source added.