Justin Bieber has certainly improved with his attitude over the years, but he may have ruined it by disrespecting Prince. A guitar player by the name of Andrew Watt wrote a beautiful little tribute to Prince on his Instagram, and in the tribute he called Prince "the last of the great living performers".


This past Tuesday night before my show I was picking out an outfit...I was so tired from the past week of endless traveling and gigging that I grabbed my Prince shirt and said fuck it I\'m gonna channel the purple one tonight...I didn\'t shower after the gig out of pure exhaustion...I went to sleep in that shirt and then I wore it again all day yesterday...today waking up to this news I am truly beside myself...devastated...the last of the greatest living performers...my guitar idol...his connection to ALL his instruments yielded a sexual transcending aura and the world is just less fucking cool without him walking on it... \"Electric word life It means forever and that\'s a mighty long time But I\'m here to tell you There\'s something else... The after world\" #RIPPRINCE

A photo posted by Andrew Watt (@andrew50watt) on Apr 21, 2016 at 11:06am PDT

Bieber then allegedly left a remark which set off a firestorm on Wyatt's Instagram page, saying: "Well not the last greatest living performer."

The comment has since been deleted but according to Gossip Cop, Bieber's PR team insists the comment was "fabricated". The singer has yet to address the matter on Twitter. Gossip Cop claimed it could not locate any supporting evidence that Biebs made the comment himself.