Power season 3
Tommy fails to pull the trigger on Ghost Starz

Power season 3 is picking up the pace as tensions between Ghost aka James St. Patrick and Tommy have escalated to a "kill or get killed" situation. The season began with Omari Hardwick's lead character abandoning his "drug lord" persona to embrace a subtle life as a night club owner. But with growing enemies, it will be a mammoth task for him.

Especially because Kanan (Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson) is back on the show and he will want to turn the Ghost's life upside down. In the season 2 finale, James almost killed his arch nemesis. But it appears his return will spell doom for the nightclub owner. The promo of episode 3 offered a glimpse of 50 Cent teasing a major plot twist.

But incidents in each episode are inching him closer to the dark world, especially after drug cartel chief Lobos forced Tommy to kill Ghost. In episode 2 titled It's Never Over, Tommy was close to killing his friend-turned-foe after inviting him to Brooklyn Bridge Park but he just could not continue with his plan.

Frustrated due to Lobos's threat of killing him and Holly, he confessed the entire scenario before the love of his life. She tried her best to encourage him and complete the mission and said: "If you can't kill Ghost for yourself, do it for me."

The synopsis of episode 3 titled I Got This On Lock reveals Tommy's new alliance with Tasha. Meanwhile, the former drug lord will try and elevate his nightclub amid the growing number of enemies around him.

In an interview with Zap2it, Hardwick teased that Tasha's revenge will be hard on his character. He said: "I would definitely think that there is an enemy looming in her that to me might be the most detrimental. Because you know, hell really hath no fury like a woman scorned. ... There's a bond when you make kids with somebody that is pretty incredible, so that's definitely an enemy in the making. ... She can hurt him a lot worse."

However, he also teased that Ghost's true love Angela will be his shield of protection. "It's invincible. I mean, Lela's been stating it and articulating it in this way... She says she remembers feeling in her life when she was young ... a guy touched her and she never wanted to be touched by another man ever after that, which is incredible. She decided to bring that to her character in terms of the love that she has for her character and for Ghost... And so she absolutely, as she also stated in all caps, L-O-V-E, feels this way about this man," he stressed.

Power season 3 episode 3 will air on 31 July on Starz.