The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will mark their first wedding anniversary on Monday, 29 April and pregnancy rumours, as they have been for some time now, are making the rounds. Kate Middleton and Prince William were seen delightedly cuddling up to a newborn during a charity event.

Were they taking parenting tips?

Prince William met Hugo Eric Scott Vicary - all of three weeks old - at a reception to celebrate the Scott-Amundsen Centenary Race to the South Pole. He took Hugo in his arms and told his father, Vic Vicary: "He looks very sweet" before going on to describe the baby's name as "fantastic".

Vicary, a Warrant Officer Second Class with the Rifles, from Cornwall, who was part of the team, said William was a "natural" with children.

"Two months after I came back from the South Pole we had a healthy baby boy," Vicary was quoted as saying in the Daily Mail, "For the name, we came up with Hugo, Eric - for my father, who passed away - and Scott, after Captain Scott, because we were in his footsteps." "The Duke liked the name he thought it was very apt. My wife asked if he would like to hold him and he took hold of him," he added.

Meanwhile, Kate also came over, to talk to the baby's parents. She said the baby was "so cute" and complimented him on his Superman-style outfit too.

"Kate said the baby was 'very cute' and had doting eyes on him," the father added.

There has been much interest in speculating when William and Kate will announce an addition to their family and increased interest at events and during incidents like the above are, perhaps, quite normal. However, a source told People Online that the royal couple would let "nature and life take its course".

It has been an eventful year for the world's favourite royal couple - right from their honeymoon in the Seychelles and all their world tours and domestic and international commitments. They have not, unfortunately, spent much time together - something they will no doubt be keen on changing now that their first anniversary as man and wife is upon them.

A spokesperson at St James' Palace did not comment on details but did admit the couple would be celebrating it "privately"... a word that well reflects the nature, at least outwardly, of their relationship - simplicity and comfort in each other's presence.

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