It has been almost a year since Britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton were pronounced man and wife by the Archbishop of Canterbury at London's Westminster Abbey, on 29 April. The couple, who will observe the first anniversary of wedded bliss on Sunday, will reportedly opt for a private celebration.

The wedding of the two royal heartthrobs was deemed the Wedding of the Year, surpassing the popularity of the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles in 1981. In fact, William and Kate's wedding also set a world record for the most watched online event ever - as many as 72 million people reportedly turned on their computers and watched them say "I do" to each other. Millions more watched it live on television.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who courted each other for nearly a decade before solemnising their relationship as husband and wife have always appeared to be very much in love and no matter how public an event, William and Kate have often been caught on camera and in videos, seemingly with eyes only for each other.

The fairy tale that is their love story - a time-honoured classic of a commoner marrying royalty - has inspired the commercial and the entertainment world. While a film depicting their story was released just before their wedding, London's Hamleys Toy Store, one of the largest in the world, unveiled Prince William and Princess Catherine Royal Wedding Dolls in August. The dolls were exact replicas of the couple, as they looked on their wedding day.

The level of detail is actually quite wonderful and Kate's doll re-creates everything from her much talked about wedding dress to her tiara, designer shoes, wedding bouquet, wedding ring and veil... every item of clothing and accessory of the Princess Catherine Wedding Doll resembles those Kate Middleton wore as the royal bride.

As the royal couple prepare to celebrate their first wedding anniversary, stealing a few moments of much-deserved companionship with each other, IBTimes UK brings to you photographs of their stolen romantic moments... a few quick seconds to glance into the other's eyes... a half-smile and a secret shared... and a quick touching of hands... even amid people milling around they were, sometimes, far from the madding crowd...

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