Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton with Prince George, their son (Photo: Reuters)

After breaking the royal tradition of hiring a nanny for her child and deciding upon taking help from her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge is now set to make a suite for her parents inside the couple's Kensington Palace apartment.

A Mail Online report has confirmed that Kate Middleton and Prince William have decided to set up a place for Middleton's mother Carole and father Michael Middleton at the couple's 21-room luxury villa.

Earlier reports have suggested that Carole is playing a big part in looking after the royal baby, Prince George and that Duchess and Duke of Cambridge are very thankful to her for the same.

Now, their decision to set up a place for the Middletons is understandably so that Carole can stay and be available for the baby in case she is urgently needed or whenever she and her husband want to visit their grandson.

The royal couple's Kensington Palace apartment is undergoing a £1 million renovation and according to the report, the Middleton suite will include two bedrooms, a bathroom, a sitting room and a dining area.

"Separate living space is being made available for Carole and Michael Middleton within Kensington Palace for when they come to stay," a source was quoted as saying by Mail online.

"The guest area will allow Carole and Michael to be near Kate whenever possible. William is really pleased they will be close by - he really is behind the idea", the source added.

The Middletons at present own a £1.2 million apartment less than two miles away from Kensington Palace.

The royal couple's latest decision to set up a suite for the Middletons is just one among a series of their moves which have broken the royal tradition.

Unlike the usual tradition, the Middletons were the first to arrive at Saint Mary's hospital in Paddingt to see Prince George after he was born last month. They arrived before Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.

Also, Prince George's first pictures released to the media were taken by Michael Middleton and not the Royal photographer.

The report says Kate and George would leave Bucklebury next month after the palace is renovated and refurnished. Previously, Princess Margaret had stayed in the palace until her death in 2002.

Prince William, known in the military as Flight Lieutenant of Wales, is currently on duty as helicopter pilot in Anglesey and is expected to return by mid-September.