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The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is almost universally liked, if not admired, not only for being one of the prettiest women around but also for the charm and grace with which she has adapted to life in the spotlight... life as a member of the Royal Family. Add to that her undoubted status as a fashion icon and you have quite a potent mix.

Kate Middleton was born on 9 January, 1982 and met Prince William for the first time at the University of St Andrews' in Fife, Scotland. She married William on 29 April, 2011 and was conferred the title of Duchess of Cambridge, upon her marriage, by the Queen.

Since then, the Duchess has constantly charmed and enthralled the world of high fashion and has seen almost every one of her outfits and style statements copied by young fans from across the world. Indeed, she is seen as a fashion trendsetter... not only because of her exalted status but also because she genuinely does seem to have an eye for colour and the occasion.

For example, the dress she wore for her wedding - an outfit designed by British designer Sarah Burton (which won Burton, the Creative Director of the house of Alexander McQueen, Designer of the Year at the 2011 Harper's Bazaar's Women of the Year awards) was described in a BBC report as having a lace appliqué bodice and skirt and a veil. Kate wore her hair down, with a tiara (a Cartier "halo" lent to Kate by the Queen). Apparently the lace on the dress detailed a rose, a thistle, a daffodil and a shamrock was handcrafted by the Royal School of Needlework at the Hampton Court Palace. The motifs were then pinned, "framed up" and applied with stab stitching. Meanwhile, Kate's earrings were a wedding day gift from her parents, Michael and Carole Middleton.

Fast forward to today and Vogue describes Kate's favourite fashion wear as including those from brands Issa and Mulberry.

However, as surprising as it may be, not everyone is bowled over by the Duchess' fashion sense. Simone Kitchens, the Beauty Editor of the Huffington Post believes Kate should "loosen up a bit" or "change course". Kitchens seems to think Kate's style is "more designed by committee than by personal preference" and points to her "shrunken blazers" and "calf-riding boots".

In any case, as the world's favourite royal couple look forward to celebrating their first anniversary as man and wife, we at IBTimes UK invite you to check out some photographs of the stylish Duchess of Cambridge, over the past year...