All eyes were on Katy Perry as she arrived on the red carpet of the 69th annual Met Gala on Monday, 1 May. The pop star's wild and outrageous costume soon became the talk of the town, but for all the wrong reasons.

Dressed in bright red – from top to toe – in a custom Maison Margiela ensemble by John Galliano, Perry soon became the butt of Twitter memes and jokes. Fans drew bizarre and hilarious comparisons as they poked fun at the Roar songstress' tulle and silk dress complete with voluminous veil and embellished patterns.

To make matters worse, she even paired her eccentric costume with ornate red boots and a headpiece that read 'witness'. Clearly, fans had no mercy for Perry's bizarre style as they took to social media to slam the singer's looks, with hilarious allusions to Frankenstein's bride.

"Is Katy Perry the bride of Frankenstein? Nope, just a cohost of the Met Gala. Wearing Margiela," an amused fan commented on Twitter. Others quickly jumped on to famous pop-culture parallels suggesting that the 32-year-old looks like Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice.

"Katy Perry at the #MetGala looks like Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice's wedding and no that is not a compliment #redwedding," one of the Tweeters joked.

Taking things to another level, one fan compared Perry to the Phantom Of The Opera, who dons an all-red outfit during his song Why So Silent.

And how can one forget the latest rage – Game Of Thrones – as the Chained To The Rhythm hitmaker's scarlet dress reminded many a fan of the brutal red wedding.

While Perry sparked hilarious Twitter memes, she also faced backlash for her choice of designer – Galliano – who recently made a return to the fashion circles after four-years of exile. The controversial designer was fired from Dior in 2011 after he said that he "loved Hitler" in an anti-Semitic rant.

"So Katy Perry decided it was a good idea to wear clothing from anti-semite? Classy. #smh," criticized a fan alluding to Galliano's drunken rant at a Paris bar.

Check out more fan reactions and hillarious tweets and memes below: