Sherri Shepherd has provoked the wrath of Khloe Kardashian's fans after suggesting that the reality star had had surgery to achieve her curves.

The former co-host of The View raised eyebrows when she mentioned Kim Kardashian's sister when discussing butt implants on social media, telling her followers to "Ask Khloe Kardashian where she got hers".

Posting a picture of a very graphic botched butt augmentation on Instagram, the comedian added the caption: "WARNING – GRAPHIC! Every time I think about going to the doctor for a consultation about getting a plumper butt I run across a 'this is what can go wrong' pic! Ladies stop going to these basement/back alley folks. It's not worth it – gotta ask @khloekardashian where she got hers."

Considering Kardashian has fiercely denied going under the knife, some commentators accused the 48-year-old TV star of calling her a liar.

"Oh out a Kardashian...get your name on the blogs. I see what you did there Sherri," one Instagram user commented under her post.

Shepherd quickly fired back by reminding her critics that comedy is her day job and telling them to "calm down".

"Interesting... one comment where I add Miss @KhloeKardashians name and it sets off a firestorm w her fans. Almost about to delete this post bc I don't have time for childish behaviour and rude name calling – I referenced Khloe because she obviously went to a legit doctor as opposed to the back alley person who did the botched job on the left," the funnywoman said.

"All folks and tabloids trying to start 'mess' because of a slow news day – calm down. And those fans that feel the need to jump to Khloe's defense there is no reason to. Besides she is grown and has been in this business a long time, she understands how things work – we all do. #calmdown and #breathe. I'm a comic and it ain't that serious. #publicserviceannouncement #khloesokay [sic]."

Although she vowed not to delete the offending post, it is no longer on her Instagram page.

She later explained that she meant not harm but just "didn't know they weren't open about their butts".

"They talk about their lips, they're so open about everything. I think if I was a man, and had made the joke, wouldn't nobody have had a problem. I'm a woman and I made the joke and now everybody's getting mad," she said.

Kardashian has not commented on Shepherd's claims but earlier in June she did address wide-spread speculation in a rant on Twitter.