• Alabama teacher Price Lawrence wrote about the girl's touching gesture on Facebook.
  • The girl had suffered the loss of her father and wanted to help out in what ever way she could.

An Alabama sixth-grader offered to help pay for a funeral with what little money she had after hearing about the death of her teacher's father-in-law.

Price Lawrence, a primary school teacher at Highlands Elementary school in Hunstville, Alabama, said he was deeply moved by his pupil's thoughtful gesture and posted the a picture of the interaction to his Facebook account.

According to Price, pupils had asked him why he seemed a little off that morning and subsequently explained that his wife's father had passed away the day before. At the end of class one empathetic girl approached him with a hug and a note. The girl had recently been berevad following the death of her father.

He wrote: "While standing at my door giving hugs and high fives at dismissal to 2nd period one little girl put something in my hand. She told me "This is for your wife. I know it was real expensive when my daddy died and I don't really want ice cream today anyways."

A picture of the letter shows her touching note which said she did not need ice cream that day and would like him to have the money. "Ms. La[w]rence, I'm sorry," the letter read.

His post has hit a nerve on the internet, with over 200,000 people sharing the post since its publication on February 20.

"I wish the world would pay more attention to children, Lawrence said." " We could learn a lot from them."