Aaron Finch
Aaron Finch played integral role in helping Gujarat Lions to debut IPL win. Getty
  • Gujarat Lions win by five wickets on IPL debut
  • Aaron Finch struck nine fours as visitors comfortably reached 162 target
  • Kings XI Punjab have lost nine of last 10 IPL matches

That's it! In their first IPL match, Gujarat Lions have eased to a five wicket victory over Kings XI Punjab, who have now lost nine of their last 10 matches in this competition.


Gujarat Lions win by 5 wickets


18th over – Gujarat Lions 162-5

Bravo nudges Sharma's delivery wide for a single, adding another outside off stump. Are they going to edge their way over the finishing line, or end with a bang? Obviously the latter. Karthik hammers through to midwicket to give Gujarat Lions victory on their IPL debut!


17th over – Gujarat Lions 155-5

Gujarat Lions need 19 from these final four overs and Karthik isn't hanging around, hammering another tremendous four wide of mid-off. He's lucky off the next ball, however, after breaking for a single as a bullseye from the third man just misses the stumps.

After a dot ball, the impressive Kishan hammers another four over mid-wicket, but his impressive cameo ends with the next ball after his wild edge is caught by Mohit Sharma. Enter Dwayne Bravo, but it's Karthik who ends the over with another excellent low drive for four.


WICKET! Kishan (11) c Mohit Sharma b Mitchell Johnson


16th over – Gujarat Lions 142-4

Kishan thinks he's hit one clear for four but it just doesn't have the pace on it and settles for a two. He makes up for that off the very next ball, meeting Sahu's delivery with a smart reverse sweep for his first boundary of the day.


15th over – Gujarat Lions 134-3

Terrific footwork from Mitchell Johnson! Karthik makes a risky break for a single and Jadeja is never going to get there in time. Johnson is there is clean up, side-footing the ball back off the stumps. Good over from Johnson, limiting Gujarat to just four runs.


WICKET! Jaedja (8) run out (Mitchell Johnson


14th over – Gujarat Lions 130-3

After another time out, we are back underway. Jaedja thinks he has struck a boundary but some excellent fielding from Mitchell Johnson keeps it in. Karthik manages it, however, meeting Sahu's delivery with a wonderful reverse sweep that races out for a four.Gujarat are closing in on that target here.


13th over – Gujarat Lions 121-3


12th over – Gujarat Lions 117-3

Karthik sweeps a lovely four away before Finch adds another, but he was cutting it very close there, flicking one just out of reach of Anureet Singh at point. He got away with that one, but off the next ball he is gone after he is stumped by Saha. He leaves the crease, absolutely furious with himself.


WICKET! Finch (74) st Wriddhiman Saha b Pardeep Sahu


11th over – Gujarat Lions 107-2

Guess what? Finch has hit another four. It's another tremendously clever shot from him, watching a short delivery all the way and lifting it over with an uppercut.


10th over – Gujarat Lions 98-2

Finch can do no wrong in this innings. Sahu's delivery comes in and he absolutely leathers one down mid-wicket, before he and Karthik knock down three more careful singles. Kings XI need to start taking wickets.


9th over – Gujarat Lions 89-2


8th over – Gujarat Lions 83-2

More sublime batting from Finch, watching a slow delivery all the way and nudging it away between two fielders for another four. Another slow delivery from Stoinis comes Finch's away and yet again, he knocks it away with ease, driving it down the line to seal his 50. Anything else from Gujarat from this over? Yep. On the last ball, Karthik meets a full toss with another low drive out to the boundary.


7th over – Gujarat Lions 68-2

Karthik enters the fray and drives a precise effort outside off stump for a boundary. That man again Finch adds yet another four to his tally, sending one that has just enough pace on it rolling past short fine leg, notching up another single after to finish the over.


6th over – Gujarat Lions 57-2

Raina whacks a monster six over midwicket but off the next ball, he is out of here, not getting enough on his scooped effort with Mitchell Johnson catching. Finch makes up for that with yet another four, sending a fine low drive outside off stump.


WICKET! Suresh Rainia (20) c Mitchell Johnson b Marcus Stoinis


5th over – Gujarat Lions 45-1

Another four from Finch early in the fifth over, sending a precise drive scurrying past the third man. Two wide deliveries from Johnson follow before Rainia sends a single down outside off stump.


4th over – Gujarat Lions 36-1

Finch batters another four out wide of mid on and follows it up with another on the very next ball, hammering Sharma's shorter delivery through mid-wicket. Sharma tries to keep a lid on the batsman off his remaining four balls but Rainia cleverly knocks a slow ball down past short fine leg to make it three boundaries from this over.


3rd over – Gujarat Lions 23-1

Ooof, huge hit from Raina! The skipper lifts a wonderful straight drive down the line and over the stands; a first six for the new franchise.


2nd over – Gujarat Lions 12-1

Finch whacks one high into the air but it doesn't have enough pace to take it to the boundary and the fielders can gather. Finch catches Mitchell Johnson's next ball a lot better, getting underneath it to heave one over point for a boundary. Johnson vs Finch looks like it's going to be a great duel, but the latter is getting the better of it so far, finding a neat pull shot to notch up another four.


1st over - Gujarat Lions 1-1

Scare for Finch off the third ball as shouts of lbw ring out but the ball is always too high. He sneaks a single off Sharma's fifth ball but a huge wicket follows with McCullum taking a big swing and a miss, allowing Saha to gather and dismiss him.