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Kolkata Knight Riders v Mumbai Indians (Mumbai win by six wickets)

  • Mumbai won the toss and chose to bowl.
  • Hosts posted 187/5 at Eden Gardens.
  • Rohit Sharma scored 84 from 54 balls to guide run chase.
The KKR openers run between the wicket
The KKR openers run between the wicket AFP

Mumbai win! What a brilliant run chase at Eden Gardens, with Rohit Sharma leading the way with an unbeaten 84 from 54 balls.

He was ably supported by England's Jos Buttler as they closed in on victory.

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Mumbai Indians 187/4 (19/20 ov)

Rohit has a hat-trick of boundary fours to end the over and, effectively, to end the game.

One run needed now. The Mumbai skipper has played a blinder.

Wicket: Buttler c Yadav b Russell 41

Russell's end Buttler's destructive knock, but is it a case of too little, too late? The England wicketkeeper goes for 41 from just 22 balls.

Mumbai appeared to be home and hosed not long ago. Not so sure now.

Mumbai Indians 170/3 (18/20 ov)

John Hastings bowls a very tidy over and should have been rewarded with a wicket, but he shells the chance Buttler offers up to him.

Two overs left and 18 runs required.

Mumbai Indians 166/3 (17/20 ov)

Sharma finds the boundary and Mumbai require just 22 now. This runchase has become a cakewalk at this stage.

Mumbai Indians 157/3 (16/20 ov)

Buttler has swung this match in Mumbai's favour smashing back-to-back sixes over extra cover. He made that look so easy.

Amazing power from the young Englishman. What a talent.

The scenario: Mumbai Indians require another 49 runs with 7 wickets and 30 balls remaining.

Rohit is unbeaten on 59 from 43 balls. He's played a top knock.

Mumbai Indians 139/3 (15/20 ov)

Buttler smashes a thunderous four down the ground, before sitting deep in the crease and belting Brad Hogg over midwicket - six of the best. Amazing power.

Mumbai Indians 122/3 (14/20 ov)

Nine off the over, including a Buttler chip that almost carries all the way for four. The away side need to deliver some fireworks now and they have the right men at the crease at the moment.

Mumbai Indians 113/3 (13/20 ov)

Buttler taking his time to get in, meaning there was no boundary in that over. The required rate goes back up above ten as a result.

Well bowled John Hastings, to be fair.

Mumbai Indians 109/3 (12/20 ov)

Right, it's Rohit and Jos Buttler at the crease now. This should be a key partnership in the context of this chase.

A quick reminder of the scenario: Mumbai Indians require another 79 runs with 7 wickets and 48 balls remaining.

Wicket: McClenaghan c Munro b Kuldeep Yadav 20

Awful cricket all round. Yadav lobs up a horrible full toss, McClenaghan looks to smack it out of Kolkta, but can only toe-end it to extra cover.

The bowler ought to feel pretty sheepish about that one.

Mumbai Indians 101/2 (11/20 ov)

What do I know, eh? McClenaghan hits two sixes from his first four balls. There's no elegance to it ... quite simply, if the ball is pitched up, it's off.

The required rate is back under ten an over now.

Wicket: Pandya c Pandey b Chawla 9

Piyush Chawla throws one up into the air, trying to entice the batsman. Pandya takes the bait but can only find the finds of long-off.

Bizarrely, it's Mitchell McClenaghan who has come to the middle. Where is Jos Buttler?

Mumbai Indians 87/1 (10/20 ov)

A crazy and potentially match-changing over, this , from Kuldeep Yadav. He sends down five wides and three balls later, there are six overthrows. Totally needless concession of valuable runs.

Mumbai Indians 72/1 (9/20 ov)

Rohit breaks the tension, smashing a short ball well back into the midwicket stand. You sensed something had to happen.

The away side are fractionally behind the rate but with just one wicket down, they remain well placed.

Mumbai Indians 63/1 (8/20 ov)

Another boundary-less over ticks by and the pressure is rising in Kolkata. The spinners are doing the job expected of them at this stage of the innings, tightening the screw.

Mumbai need to find the fence just to break the shackles.

Mumbai Indians 58/1 (7/20 ov)

Piyush Chawla into the attack and the little legspinner sends down some pretty tidy stuff. Only five runs conceded to increase the pressure on Rohit.

Mumbai Indians 53/1 (6/20 ov)

An eye-catching powerplay for the Mumbai Indians, who were racing away at one stage. That wicket promises to slow them down, though.

There are 14 overs left in this innings, including the likes of Buttler and Pollard, who can clear the fence with ease.

Wicket: PA Patel run out 23

KKR have their first wicket. Parthiv Patel knocks the ball wide of Brad Hogg and sets off for a run. But the Australian latches onto the ball and sends a rocket throw back towards the stumps.

Patel is just short and KKR have an all-important breakthrough.

Mumbai Indians 51/0 (5/20 ov)

Sharma is not only one of the most elegant players you could wish to see, but he is also very, very effective. He collects another couple of boundaries from John Hastings' latest over.

Mumbai bring up their fifty and are well in this chase, make no mistake. The key could be the performance of the spinners once the field is relaxed.

Mumbai Indians 37/0 (4/20 ov)

The inimitable George Bradley Hogg comes up to the bowling crease - what can he do under the lights in Kolkata?

Well, his first over is underwhelming and he is taken for two boundaries. Mumbai are flying now.

Mumbai Indians 27/0 (3/20 ov)

Parthiv smashes a couple of boundaries off the first two balls of the over. The first is a thick top edge; the second comes right out the meat and whistles back past the bowler.

Mumbai are up with the rate required for the moment.

Mumbai Indians 18/0 (2/20 ov)

Parthiv and Rohit are going after this total with some determination. The left-handed wicketkeeper pulls the ball to the fence for four, before Rohit plays an imperious straight drive.

On reflection, this pitch is much better than most people initially suspected.

Mumbai Indians 8/0 (1/20 ov)

Rohit Sharma starts with some intent, smacking a leg-side delivery from Andre Russell way back into the stand.

Rohit could be the key to this intimidating runchase.

Kolkata Knight Riders 187/5 (20/20 ov)

A boundary comes off the final ball, meaning Mumbai face the unenviable task of chasing 188 for victory.

That is sure to be a stiff task on this slow-ish wicket.

Wicket: Munro run out 4

Mumbai and Bumrah in particular are dong well to restrict KKR in this last over. And Munro has sacrificed himself in the pursuit of victory. He's run out with a ball left.

Kolkata Knight Riders 180/4 (19/20 ov)

A wicket and just the one boundary in that over. A decent one from Pandya in the circumstances.

Mumbai need a good finish, still.

Wicket: Gambhir c †Patel b Pandya 64

A fabulous innings comes to an end. Gambhir skies the ball behind the wicketkeeper, Patel, who sprint backwards and calmly takes the ball.

Colin Munro enters the fray.

Mumbai players celebrate
Mumbai players celebrate AFP

Kolkata Knight Riders 170/3 (18/20 ov)

Another decent over from McClenaghan - that's why Mumbai are so keen on the Kiwi.

Can they keep KKR under 200 now?

AD Russell b McClenaghan 36

A huge wicket. Russell's boundary-filled cameo is over as McClenaghan hits the timber.

Here is Yusuf Pathan - another powerful striker.

Kolkata Knight Riders 163/2 (17/20 ov)

Bumrah returns and only has himself to blame for not taking a wicket. The KKR skipper mistimes a slower ball which goes miles up in the air, but Bumrah shells it. Awful drop, that.

To make matters worse, Russell sends the last ball of the over into the stands. More violent hitting from Russell, who lacks style but has plenty of power.

Kolkata Knight Riders 151/2 (16/20 ov)

Russell could be in the midst of a match-defining innings here. He adds a four and a six to his total and is threatening to take this game away from Mumbai.

The away side need to dismiss him - and quickly.

Kolkata Knight Riders 138/2 (15/20 ov)

Andre Russell is at the crease - hang on to your hats. The muscular West Indian wastes little time, smashing the ball over the fence on two separate occasions.

Kolkata Knight Riders 122/2 (14/20 ov)

Top stuff from Harbhajan Singh, who conceded four runs and claimed a wicket in that over. He mixed his lengths and speeds beautifully, always keeping the batsman guessing.

Harbhajan Singh on his knees
Harbhajan Singh on his knees AFP

Wicket: MK Pandey c & b Harbhajan Singh 52

Pandey falls to a leading edge. It descended into a game of cat-and-mouse between himself and the off-spinner. Harbhajan wins on this occasion.

Kolkata Knight Riders 118/1 (13/20 ov)

Pandey dabs the ball to the third man boundary and then jogs a single to record his own half-century. It's taken only 26 balls and has been an eye-catching effort.

Seven overs left at Eden Cards - 190 could be on the cards here.

Kolkata Knight Riders 108/1 (12/20 ov)

McClenaghan sends down a boundary-less over. But Gambhir still manages to poke a single to record a 39-ball fifty.

It's been understated stuff from the KKR skipper so far, who has given his team a brilliant platform.

Gautam Gambhir was in fine form
Gautam Gambhir was in fine form AFP

Breaking news:

We mentioned Lendl Simmons' absence earlier. Well, here's some more on that: the West Indian has been ruled out of the tournament, and they've called up the hard-hitting Kiwi Martin Guptill.

The tall right-hander is sure to provide some fireworks if he gets a chance.

martin guptill
Martin Guptill is a key batsman for New Zealand in all formats of the game Getty

Kolkata Knight Riders 99/1 (11/20 ov)

KKR are flying at Eden Gardens! What a start this has become for the hosts, who are surely readjusting their sights now.

The first ball is smashed for six by Pandey, who is looking $1 million dollars at the moment. And then the captain gets in on the act, bashing the ball over the midwicket fence.

The partnership is now 78 from only 46 balls.

Kolkata Knight Riders 81/1 (10/20 ov)

Pandey uses his bottom hand to whip Harbhajan Singh into the stands. His innings is adding some real energy into this KKR effort.

Mumbai really need to break this partnership now.

Pandey at the crease
Pandey at the crease AFP

Kolkata Knight Riders 71/1 (9/20 ov)

Suchith to bowl some left-arm twirlers here. And he should have had a wicket in his first over - Gambhir chips the ball to midwicket, but Rohit Sharma puts it down.

To compound his frustration, Pandey takes a ball from outside leg stump and launches a hard sweep to the boundary.

Some 13 runs from that over in the end - a real launchpad for KKR.

Kolkata Knight Riders 58/1 (8/20 ov)

Harbhajan Singh into the attack now. The experienced off-spinner deliveries six tidy deliveries, conceding just the six runs.

KKR might want to put the foot down now. They have 12 overs and nine wickets remaining.

Kolkata Knight Riders 52/1 (7/20 ov)

A few singles and then boom! Pandey drills a full ball into the crowd. A sweet strike, just a stride down the wicket and the ball disappears for six.

That was made to look so easy.

Kolkata Knight Riders 40/1 (6/20 ov)

That's the end of the powerplay, then, and it's pretty even at the moment. A score of 150 may be match-winning on this deck.

KKR appear to have a figure like that in mind, and still have plenty of batting in the shed.

Kolkata Knight Riders 34/1 (5/20 ov)

Gambhir gets a boundary off the fifth ball with a pick-up over square leg. Southee follows it up with some legside rubbish. Easy pickings for a batsman like Gambhir - four more.

Southee's lack of game time is showing. He has conceded 27 from three overs.

Kolkata Knight Riders 22/1 (4/20 ov)

A good first over from McClenaghan. He only concedes three runs and picks up a wicket.

It must be said, scoring doesn't look easy out there. The bounce is a little inconsistent.

Wicket: RV Uthappa c Pollard b McClenaghan 8

McClenaghan bangs it in and Uthappa goes for a spectacular-looking pull shot. Sadly for the Indian, the ball loops off a top edge and into the hands of Kieron Pollard.

The left-arm angle proved crucial, there. The batsman was cramped for room, unable to extend his hands in front of his body.

Kolkata Knight Riders 19/0 (3/20 ov)

Uthappa records the first boundary of the game, neatly clipping the ball through the legside off Southee.

The Kiwi hasn't player a lot of cricket of late and it's perhaps showing, with Southee spraying the ball about a bit.

His last ball of the over is another gimme, with Gambhir clipping it to the fence. A solid if unspectacular start for KKR, this.

The KKR openers run between the wicket
The KKR openers run between the wicket AFP

Just in case you were wondering, Patel has donned the gloves for this game, meaning Jos Buttler is somewhere in the field.

As well as being a gun batsman, the England man is also dynamite in the outfield at times.

Kolkata Knight Riders 6/0 (2/20 ov)

It's Jasprit Bumrah who opens the bowling from the other end. If you haven't seen his bowling action, you should make every effort - it's pretty funky.

He gets it down a decent lick, delivering the ball at a speed between 85-90mph, and he's kept it quiet in that over, too.

Bumrah played for India
Bumrah played for India in the T20 World Cup Getty Images

Kolkata Knight Riders 3/0 (1/20 ov)

There appears to be a little bit of bounce in the pitch, as the third balls goes whistling over Gambhir's top edge. Next ball, though, is edged and bounces well short of slip. That doesn't bode well for high scoring.

Generally a tidy start from the New Zealand star, who concedes two singles and a wide from his first over.

The players are already out on the outfield, clearly keen to get this one under way in the spectacular setting of Kolkata.

It's Tim Southee, who missed the first game, with the ball in his hand. The Kiwi will be eager to make an impression.

Here we go...

We're almost ready for the first ball. As a reminder, the KKR have been put into bat at Eden Gardens.

It's up to their batsmen, now, to post a match-winning total under the floodlights.

Confirmed team news:

KKR: RV Uthappa†, G Gambhir*, MK Pandey, C Munro, SA Yadav, YK Pathan, AD Russell, PP Chawla, JW Hastings, Kuldeep Yadav, GB Hogg

Mumbai: PA Patel, RG Sharma*, HH Pandya, JC Buttler†, AT Rayudu, KA Pollard, Harbhajan Singh, J Suchith, TG Southee, MJ McClenaghan, JJ Bumrah

Not long to wait until this one gets under way now...

Harbhajan Singh
Harbhajan Singh is a key figure for Mumbai Getty

Pre-match thoughts:

KKR skipper Gautam Gambhir: "Hopefully we can put runs on the board, we have 3 spinners playing today. We tried to fit both of them , but not today. We have Kuldeep so three wrist spinners. One change, Kuldeep for Umesh."

Pre-match thoughts:

Mumbai captain Rohit Sharma: "Wicket won't change much and there may be a dew factor later. We have to play good cricket during the 40 overs. Feel always good coming here, always a happy hunting ground. Things will happen if we do the right things.

"We didn't start the way we wanted to but we got a great opportunity here. Lendl Simmons is injured, not available for the next few games as well. Parthiv Patel is returning. Tim Southee gets a game and Gopal misses out."

Breaking news:

Mumbai Indians win the toss and bowl. A crucial moment? We'll have to wait and see on that front.

Team news to follow shortly...

A big boost for KKR, of course, is the return of Sunil Narine, who has been banned for an illegal action.

The West Indian could prove crucial to their hopes in this tournament, especially on the turning tracks of Kolkata.

Sunil Narine
Sunil Narine has been given clearance from the ICC to resume bowling Getty


The team news will be with us shortly. In the meantime, here are the two pools of players these teams can choose from.

Kolkata Knight Riders

Squad: Gautam Gambhir (c), Robin Uthappa (wk), Manish Pandey, Colin Munro, Suryakumar Yadav, Yusuf Pathan, Andre Russell, Piyush Chawla, John Hastings, Brad Hogg, Umesh Yadav

Mumbai Indians

Squad: Rohit Sharma (c), Lendl Simmons, Hardik Pandya, Ambati Rayudu, Jos Buttler (wk), Kieron Pollard, Shreyas Gopal, Harbhajan Singh, Vinay Kumar, Mitchell McClenaghan, Jasprit Bumrah

Gautam Gambhir
Gautam Gambhir is leading KKR in this edition of the IPL Getty

Pre-match preview

Defending champions Mumbai Indians suffered a defeat at the hands of newcomers Rising Pune Supergiants in the opening game.

As one of the most-fancied teams in the tournament, Mumbai will be keen to make their mark and win their first game of the 2016 edition at Eden Gardens.

By contrast, Kolkata Knight Riders claimed victory over Delhi Daredevils in their first match.

Kieron Pollard
Kieron Pollard is a potential match-winner for Mumbai Getty

Hi there, and welcome to our coverage of another glamour tie in this year's IPL, with Kolkata taking on Mumbai at the iconic Eden Gardens.

These two sides both have plenty of talent in their ranks but will come into the game with a different mindset after the hosts won their opening match of the tournament, while the Ricky Ponting-backed Mumbai outfit were humbled.

We'll bring you the all-important toss and team news shortly. More immediately, we'll have plenty of preview content to keep you entertained. Stay tuned.

Jos Buttler
Jos Buttler has been signed by Mumbai this season - will he feature today? Getty Images