Kurt Angle has revealed what would have stopped him from leaving the WWE. The Olympic gold medallist was at the top of his game when he left the wrestling entertainment company in 2006.

The former WWE champion, in an interview with Fox Sports, said that if he was offered a part-time contract he would not have quit the company.

"Now back in 2006, they weren't handing out part-time contracts at the time. I mean, I wish they would have, but they weren't," the 48-year-old wrestler said.

The soon-to-be WWE Hall of Famer said that Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker received part-time contracts, but it wasn't an option for him because he had been with the company for just six and a half years.

Angle regrets that he did not stay for two more years in order to get himself a part-time contract that the company started to rollout to wrestlers. He said to become a part-timer one had to put in 20 plus years. He added that he could have become a 25-time world champion if he had stayed after 2006.

"What's crazy is two years after I left, they started doing that. It was like 'damnit! I just missed it by two years.' I would have stayed in WWE. I went to rehab back in 2006 and I got myself straight, took Vince McMahon's advice, and I would have stayed."

"I wanted to stay, I just knew I couldn't do that schedule. At the time, unfortunately, it wasn't an option to be a part-timer, and I do understand it, because I was only in the business at that point for six and a half years," he said.

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