What makes Brock Lesnar one of the best athletes in the WWE? Well, according to soon-to-be WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle, it is not only the Beast Incarnate's physical attributes, but his "versatility" that makes the 39-year-old wrestler a "special athlete".

The Olympic gold medallist, who left the WWE in 2006, in a recent interview to Ring Rust Radio, said Lesnar is the "greatest athlete" he has ever fought in the squared circle.

"Brock is the greatest athlete I've ever gotten in the ring with," Angle said. "He can be the best at whatever he wants to be. He was an NCAA champion, a UFC champion and he was one cut away from making an NFL team and without ever playing a game in his life."

Angle said Lesnar could have turned professional footballer as Minnesota Vikings had offered to send him to NFL Europe for a year and then play in the US.

"They [Minnesota Vikings] were going to do a deal with him [Brock Lesnar], and he would've been a 10-time All-Pro—there's no doubt about it," Angle said.

"I know his capabilities, and he has that kind of potential. To show that kind of versatility, not many people can do that. Brock is a special athlete not because he is so big and strong, but because he's such a great damn athlete and one of the best I ever got in the ring with," he said.

Kurt Angle
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