Lady Gaga's fans have expressed their shock after footage emerged online showing a bodyguard dragging an ardent supporter away from the pop star using an "chokehold".

In the 30-second clip, the Artpop singer can be seen leaving a hotel in Paris, surrounded by a crowd of fans and paparazzi.

When an overzealous fan gets too close for comfort and gentle persuasion failed, the bodyguard intervenes.

As the man steps in front of Mummy Monster – essentially blocking the path to her awaiting car – the beefy security guard grabs the man by his arm and wraps his arms around his neck and shoulders.

The bodyguard then released the fan as Gaga makes it safely to the car.

Although the unidentified man appeared unharmed, if subdued, after the incident, fans accused the bodyguard, known as "Pete", of using excessive force.

But some fans insisted that the guard was simply doing his job.

This is not the first time Gaga's security detail has manhandled a fan. In August 2012, a man was slammed to the floor and pinned to the ground by burly bodyguards when he attempted to get an autograph.

The 26-year-old pop star was walking through a hotel lobby in Bucharest, Romania when the unsuspecting autograph hunter ran towards her carrying an autograph book and pen.

After regaining her composure, the startled singer makes her way through the exit of the hotel to meet other fans.

The fan was forced to lie on the ground until the Bad Romance hitmaker exited the building.