A complicated sting by Sky News which saw webcam and keystroke recording programs attached to a PC sent for repair has convicted an engineer, Grzegorz Zachodni to jail.

Having fallen for the ruse of a 'false' broken laptop, the engineer proceeded to look through the files on the hard drive, including personal pictures and bank details which were saved onto a memory stick with the camera on the PC recording everything.

Grzegorz Zachodni, reportedly showed the material to a colleague also.

Full detail of the 'sting' which hit Laptop Repairs in Hammersmith was sent to the police who convicted him for fraud after he allegedly tried to charge £100 for the 'fix' which was 'a simple memory problem' that could be fixed without the change of a motherboard - which Grzegorz Zachodni charged for.

Zachondi pleaded guilty to fraud on 7 July at West London Magistrate's Court and was sentenced to nine months in prison.

"Hopefully this conviction will be a warning to the computer repair industry that the copying or use of customer's private and personal information is not acceptable and the Metropolitan Police Economic and Specialist Crime Directorate will endeavour to prosecute any person found to have committed offences regarding these abuses." said DC Chris Young.