Microsoft's VP for Windows Phone Program Management Joe Belfiore presents "Windows phone 7." Microsoft showed a strong quarter, but has not built a strong presence in the mobile sector.
The Mango update is slated to be released before the end of the year. Reuters

LG has announced it plans to sell one million Windows Phone 7 devices as it announces targets for the handheld devices.

Windows Phone 7, an original attempt to 'refresh' the touchscreen devices market is a blend on Windows' OTA (Over the Air) update system and unique graphical interface which resembles the traditional four squared Microsoft Windows logo.

Each of the squares has now been modified into a hub, allowing updates from the mobile phone's 3G networks - meaning that as it develops - pictures from twitter feeds, and other social networking will be PUSHED to the mobile phone browser's home screen's 'over the air', (ie. without doing anything).

Microsoft, who have advanced the operating system technology through its Windows series, now hopes that the same 'back-end' invisible 'streamlined' functioning that is on your PC will work in the Windows Phone 7 OS system.

LG, one of the first to publish its smartphone targets - 5 million total, 3.75 Android OS - now hopes that the new Microsoft-branded devices, will help it shift 'more than a million' in its overall sales goals for this year.

In the meantime, it is also reviewing its partners, and adding 250 million won, Korean currency into a fund available for local Korean 'partners' to help supports it's business. This means for every fridge, washing machine, etc. the korean giant manufactures, the core materials purchased will be given to other partners who can build with it to the value of 250 million extra.

The move came under political pressure for Korean conglomerates to support its own economy after Samsung and LG both posted higher profit.


Microsoft meanwhile continues to advertise for a software developer to work with LG or Samsung in making 'apps' for its new devices.

A job posted on over two months ago stated that a talented developer was being sought after to work with a 'top Korean cellular phone manufacturer, who has made a large commitment to Windows Phone'.

Original Equipment Manufacturer's - OEM's - will all be given a substantial amount of development and resources available to help them develop Windows Phones in Redmond's attempt to create a 'wider' developer approach in order to win over consumers who want more games, features from their devices than ever before.

Apps developers will crown the victor -- iPhone, BlackBerry or Android