LG has unveiled its cloud storage service LG Cloud. In its beta version, the service offers users access to files which include photos, videos on the user's smartphone, computers, tablets and smart TV. Other cloud services like Google Drive, SkyDrive and iCloud are already in existence. There is speculation that Samsung could introduce its own cloud service, S-Cloud. In today's tech world, cloud has been the buzz word.

"LG Cloud is the first that allows users to manage and consume all types of content on 'three screens' which includes Android smartphones, PCs and smart TVs (including but not limited to CINEMA 3D models) without a separate set-top box," claims LG.

Users can enjoy LG's cloud service by downloading the LG Cloud app from Google Play or the LG SmartWorld app store for their respected Android smartphones. Photos and videos captured in the user's smartphones can be viewed and streamed to the computer or television. It is reported that the cloud service synchronises smartphone content with the cloud server as well as the user's computer or television.

The company has implemented Real-time Streaming Transcoding technology which enables the conversion to take place in real-time. It does not need any extraneous installation of codes or converters and the all the process takes place in the background without the user's intervention.

"No other cloud service can make this same claim," claims LG.

It works well with the 3D content. If the user has videos which have been captured with an LG 3D smartphone, it is possible to upload it to the LG cloud through 3G or W-Fi networks.

The LG Cloud is expected to be available free as well as paid service. The pricing could vary with different markets and will be announced individually when the service would be available in a particular country.

Apple's iCloud offers automatic and effortless service which stores all content of the user. In addition, it has the capability to push the content wirelessly to the user's devices. The user can access apps, photos, videos and more from any device. It does not require syncing too. We could expect stiff competition between LG Cloud and Apple's iCloud.