Self-driving Mercedes prototype will be powered by technology from LG Reuters

Mercedes will show off a self-driving car using technology developed by LG at the CES technology trade show next week.

As part of a huge keynote presentation planned for CES, which kicks off in Las Vegas on 6 January, Mercedes will make use of LG's ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System) technology to make its future cars safer.

LG will provide a stereo camera setup with two lenses watching the road ahead; the system will ensure the car doesn't drift out of lane, and will automatically dim the headlights as oncoming traffic approaches. The system will also brake automatically and spot potential dangers such as cyclists and pedestrians.

Unlike Google's self-driving car, development of which will continue next year, the Mercedes and LG system will not be fully automated. Instead, it will allow the driver to hand over some control to the car, but they can take it back as soon as any input to the steering wheel or pedals is registered.

Mimicking a system currently in development by Ford, LG will also provide Mercedes with biometric systems to monitor the eye movement and alertness of the driver, ensuring they don't fall asleep at the wheel.

A number of autonomous car projects are expected to be shown off at CES, as the motoring and technology industries grow ever closer.

In the UK starting in early 2015, testing begins of autonomous cars on public roads.