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England's Michael Lumb plays a ball as India's captain and wicketkeeper MS Dhoni (R) watches during their warm-up match of ICC Twenty20 World Cup Reuters

17:36 Bopara tried his best to keep England in the game towards the end but it just wasn't enough. England will wonder where they could have saved a few more runs or picked up a few more along the way. You can see how much it means to AB De Villiers. Hales hit a great 38 while Buttler grabbed a 34. England play Netherlands next but it is mathematically impossible for them to progress. Huge disappointment for England.


Over 20: England 193-7 (4 more runs needed): There you have it. Bresnan hits a six to leave England on 193-7. South Africa are in the semi-finals.

Over 20: England 187-7 (10 needed off of 1 ball to win): Bresnan edges to third man for a single. Four balls left. The game has probably gone now. Broad hits another single. England need a no ball to even have a chance. Bresnan cracks a six. 183-7. Bresnan then hits a four. 187-7. 10 runs needed off of one ball. Steyn just needs to see this out.

WICKET: Bopara bowled by Steyn caught by Miller. The run chase has surely ended. Bopara gave it his all but the shot didn't get the full connection. Miller was calm under pressure. Stuart Broad to come in, Bresnan on strike. Three sixes and a four will do it.

Over 20: England 175-6 (22 needed from 6 balls to win and stay in the tournament): 22 big runs are needed from the last over. Tim Bresnan is yet to face a ball. Bopara has taken it to the last. Dale Steyn it is to bowl. Bopara caught.

Over 19: England 175-6 (22 needed from 6 balls to win and stay in the tournament): Bopara swings and misses. SIX. Bopara fights on to take it to the wire. 24 from 7 needed. Surely not? Hendricks bowls a wide to give another gift to England. 6 balls left. 22 to win.

WICKET: AB De Villiers. Take a bow. What a catch. Jordan has gone. Bowled by Hendricks. Gone for 16. England 167-6. This game looks over but stranger things have happened.

Over 19: England 167-5 (34 needed from 11 deliveries to win and stay in tournament): Dot ball to start the over. FOUR. Jordan gets it away through the gap. 30 from 10 needed. Is there some magic left?

Over 18: England 165-5 (34 needed from 12 deliveries to win and stay in tournament): A single to start the over. Bopara grabs a single to put Jordan on strike. England NEED boundaries. It's in South Africa's hands now. They are close to a semi final spot. Jordan swings and misses. 43 from 15 needed. FOUR. Bopara smashes it down the middle. 159-5. 38 from 13 deliveries needed. ANOTHER FOUR. Bopara hits consecutive fours to keep England in the hunt. 165-5. They have to really go for it now. Two overs left.

Over 17: England 152-5 (45 needed from 18 deliveries to win and stay in tournament): Bopara grabs a single to put Jordan on strike. Another single goes but England need more than this. Can Jordan or Bopara pull out some magic? Bopara can! He smacks the ball for four on the offside. The pair then grab a single to surpass 150. Steyn bowls a wide to gift England another invaluable ball.

Over 16: England 143-5 (54 needed from 24 deliveries to win and stay in tournament): A few singles collected but England really need to go for it now. Required run rate now above 13. Parnell bowls a gift of a wide for England. A four is cracked through a gap to provide some respite.

WICKET: Buttler caught by Morkel after a Tahir delivery. England 131-5. 66 needed to win from 32 balls.

Over 15: England 131-4 (need 66 more to win and stay in tournament): WICKET.

Over 14: England 128-4 (need 69 more to win and stay in tournament): And there it is! Buttler hits a four on the offside first ball of the over. They need a catalyst, could that be it? ANOTHER FOUR. Consecutive fours for England. Buttler hits the ball over mid-off. SIX. Buttler smashes a six. There is the Dernbach-esque over. England back in the game. 69 needed from six overs.

Over 13: England 111-4 (need 86 more to win and stay in tournament): Bopara in. A few more singles gained but England really need boundaries now. 86 off of seven over. They need a Dernbach-esque over. And soon.

WICKET: Morgan edges to the wicketkeeper De Kock from a Tahir delivery. England's chances are looking slim.

Over 13: England 105-4 (need 94 more to win and stay in tournament): WICKET first ball.

Over 12: England 105-3 (need 94 more to win and stay in tournament): England look like they could set up a finish here. A lot of pressure on Morgan and Buttler now. The pair run for a double but that was a good over from Stein, only six runs taken. No boundary in 21 deliveries for England.

Over 11: England 99-3 (need 98 more to win and stay in tournament): England need Morgan and Buttler to have a sustained partnership for the next five overs if they are to stand a chance here. It's going to be VERY close. They start with a double and another in the first two balls. A couple of singles follow. England now need under 100 runs to win from last nine overs.

Over 10: England 92-3 (need 105 more to win and stay in tournament): A single is followed by a wide. England have lost a bit of momentum now that two new batsmen are at the crease. They need to get themselves set quickly. Buttler finds a gap for a double. Another single to end the over.

Over 9: England 83-3 (need 114 more to win and stay in tournament): Dumini begins with a wide. Morgan hits a four to get England rolling again. Three singles follow. Ball change made by umpire again.

Over 8: England 75-3 (need 122 more to win and stay in tournament): Buttler edges the hattrick ball to third man for a single. Morgan grabs another. England really need to up the ante now.

Over 8: England 73-3: WICKET: Moeen has gone! Parnell is on a hattrick! Moeen edged and caught behind.

Over 8: England 73-3: WICKET: Parnell bowls to Hales, caught Miller. Hales skies the ball and is easily caught at deep extra cover. Morgan comes in.

Over 7: England 71-1 (need 126 more to win and stay in tournament): Hales grabs a single to start the over. FOUR. Ali finds the gap in the offside to get his first boundary. He follows it up with a single.

Over 6: England 63-1 (need 134 more to win and stay in tournament): Hendricks bowls a wide. Hales hits a four to bring England over the 50. 27 off of 18 balls. FOUR. Make that 31 off of 19 balls. Hales with consecutive boundaries. SIX. Make that 37 off of 20 balls! 3 consecutive boundaries! England rolling. 134 to win and stay in the tournament.

Over 5: England 46-1: Over ends with a dot ball and a single following Lumb's dismissal.

WICKET: Michael Lumb caught by Miller bowled by Parnell. 46-1. England were on a good run before that. Great response from Parnell. Ali comes in.

Over 5: England 46-0 (need 151 more to win and stay in tournament): Wide first ball. A gift for England. A single grabbed next. A clean four down the ground for Michael Lumb. England are grabbing this game by the scruff of the neck.

Over 4: England 40-0 (need 157 more to win and stay in tournament): Hale hits a single. Then he's nearly run out and tumbles across the crease, knocking over the wickets in the process. Another dot ball follows. SIX. Lumb smashes a six on the legside to end the over. England need a run-rate of 9.8 an over to win.

Over 3: England 32-0 (need 165 more to win and stay in tournament): Hendricks in to bowl. Starts with a dot ball. SIX. Michael Lumb hits his first runs on the offside for six. Followed by two dot balls and a single.

Over 2: England 22-0 (need 175 more to stay in tournament): Hales hits an offcutter for four then another four for consecutive boundaries. He squeezes another through the offside for a double. Can England do this?

Over 1: England 9-0 (target 197 to stay in tournament): Hales hits a four past extra cover. He sweeps another four before rounding things off with a single.

England begin their innings

South Africa finish on 196-5. England have a massive task ahead of them.

WICKET: Bresnan bowls Morkel out for 3. De Villiers ends 69 runs from 28 balls. South Africa 196-5.

Over 20 (last over): South Africa 196-4: Bresnan comes in to bowl. De Villiers hits a full-toss for a 6. Ali, man in the deep, drops an easy catch from De Villiers and it rolls onto the boundary. He must have lost the ball in the lights. Broad looks astounded. 4 away from 200 with one ball to go.

Over 19: South Africa 182-4: The over ends with a four from a De Villiers reverse sweep and a four through extra cover. He's now on 58 from 25 balls.

WICKET: Miller caught by Ali from a Jordan legside ball. Vital wicket for England if they are to have any chance in this match. Morkel comes in. 174-4.

Over 19: South Africa 174-3: Jordan comes in to bowl. SA start with a single. A full toss goes for six from David Miller. The partnership reaches 54. Miller 19 off 12, De Villiers 50 off 23. Jordan bowls a couple of dot balls. England are going to need a few more of those if they are going to chase this total.

Over 18: South Africa 167-3: Miller cracks a four to start the over and get his innings going. Dernbach bowls a full toss which is dispatched by Miller for another four. Already added ten to their total in two balls. Next ball is a wide. Dernbach is having what some would call a nightmare.

A double, a wide, and a massive six from De Villiers takes SA to the 160 mark. Dernbach delivers a no ball as the over from hell continues. The umpire replaces the ball, taking some of the flack off of Dernbach. The last ball goes for a SIX. De Villiers hits 50 in 21 balls, the quickest in SA history. SA added 26 runs to their total in that over. You read that right...26.

Over 17: South Africa 141-3: Broad back in to bowl. Over starts with a single. A slice from De Villiers lands safely at the boundary and is stopped only gaining two runs. The next ball is smashed for a four by De Villiers, pulled legside. Dernbach missed the ball and Broad has moved him as he has had a shocking time in the field. A quick single is followed by another. De Villiers pulls a four legside. Great over for SA, adding 13 to the total.

Over 16: South Africa 128-3: SA get a single before two dot balls. England starting to restrict the batsmen. Two more singles as Bresnan aims for a low over. Last ball of the over dispatched offside by De Villiers.

Over 15: South Africa 121-3: The over continues with two dot balls. Miller grabs a single to end the over.

WICKET: Bopara with a great throw to run out Duminy who threw his bat away to desperately dive across the line with nop bat. Butler stumps. Duminy 5 for 5 balls. England still in this game. Goes to replay and he is clearly out. Left-hander David Miller comes in.

Over 15: South Africa 120-3: Jordan bowls a wide first ball. A ball is missed by Butler to go for a double. WICKET.

Over 14: South Africa 116-2: Broad back in to bowl. Misfield by James Tredwell runs for a four for De Villiers. It has cost four instead of one. Big mistake. A short ball smashed by De Villiers is stopped by Jordan to save a couple of runs. Dot ball to finish the over.

Over 13: South Africa 108-2: A single gained before AB De Villiers hits a four square on the offside to bring up the 100. Another four down the ground. Consecutive boundaries from De Villiers. He's gambled and it has paid off. Ends with a single.

WICKET: De Kock stumped by Butler. No mistake this time. Great bowling by Tredwell. De Kock out for 29. 98-2. Duminy in to bat.

Over 13: South Africa : SA have hit 30 singles from their first twelve overs and they grab another in the first ball of the 13th. De Kock stumped.

A change of the ball occurs.

Over 12: South Africa 97-1: A double each from De Villiers and De Kock. Jordan cleans up a single on the boundary. Bopara bowling well as the pair grab two singles to grab 7 from the over. Key moments for England, they can't give anything cheap away now.

Over 11: South Africa 90-1: 5 runs and a wicket give England some respite. De Villiers and De Kock now the pair. 9 overs left.

WICKET: Hales catches Amla for 56. Amla sends a rocket into the air and Hale makes no mistake from a straighforward catch. Big moment for England. AB De Villiers comes in.

Over 11: South Africa 90-1: Broad bowling. Alex Hales prevents a four. Two singles leaves De Kock back on strike. Another single brings Amla in who mishits for two more.

Over 10: South Africa 85-0: SA grab 11 more runs. Amla hits a high ball that lands safely. Close call. England just can't get him out. At the half way mark in South Africa's innings.

Over 9: South Africa 74-0: A couple of singles followed by a dot ball. De Kock hits another single to give it back to Amla. Amla grabs a double then a single to grab his first ever international T20 half century.

Over 8: South Africa 68-0: Amla ends the over with a smashing four as SA add 8 to their total. He's now 46 for 27. He's never got a T20 half century. He's very close to surpassing this.

14:23: The players are coming back on. These stoppages are certainly adding to the occasion as the crowd continue to dance to....Bon Jovi.

14:21: The first stoppage certainly didn't hamper Amla or De Kock as they continued a fine few overs. It will be interesting to see what effect the second stoppage has on the pair.

The lights are out....AGAIN. The same light tower goes out and the players are back in.

Over 8: South Africa 62-0: England skipper Stuart Broad finally comes in to bowl as Amla and De Kock stamp their mark on the innings. The lights are out again so over cut short.

Over 7: South Africa 60-0: James Tredwell gives De Kock easy pickings, laying up a four for the batsman. A misfield grants a double to SA to take their tally to 60.

Over 6: South Africa 52-0: Amla hits a four to move to 38 runs off of 22 balls. De Kock on 11 for 14. Jordan bowls a wide. Quick single from De Kock takes SA to the 50 mark followed by a double. Powerplay over.

Over 5: South Africa 42-0: De Kock hits a single, followed by a big catch appeal behind not given. Amla whacks a four over the bowler's head then two singles add seven to the total.

Over 4: South Africa 35-0: Amla continues to punish Butler's mis-stump but de Kock hits a four to move to 7 off of 5 balls with a couple of singles thrown in.

Over 3: South Africa 28-0: A quick single followed by a four from Amla, Butler's mis-stump and a big 6 from Amla who's on 25 off of 14 balls.

Mis-stump! Butler drops the ball as Amla moves forward and misses. Big miss for England. Amla smashes the next ball for six.

Over 2: 17-0 with two dot balls after the light delay.

13:49 Both sides are back out and play resumes at 17-0.

13:44 The umpire is walking the players off of the pitch until the floodlights return. The crowd continue to dance to Bon Jovi...

Lights out! Floodlight failure in the stadium, breaking up the rhythm of the SA batsmen who are currently on 17-0 off of 10 deliveries.

Over 1: South Africa 6-0: Moeen's second ball is a legside wide, Amla cracks the Worcestershire man for four through the covers. A single brings the left-handed De Kock on strike, a good stop by Chris Jordan denies the Proteas keeper.

13:32 Quinton de Kock and Hashim Amla are South Africa's opening pair.


Team line-ups:

England: Michael Lumb, Alex Hales, Moeen Ali, Eoin Morgan, Jos Buttler (wk), Ravi Bopara, Tim Bresnan, Chris Jordan, Stuart Broad (capt), James Tredwell, Jade Dernbach.

South Africa: Quinton de Kock (wk), Hashim Amla, AB de Villiers (capt), JP Duminy, David Miller, Farhaan Behardien, Albie Morkel, Wayne Parnell, Dale Steyn, Beuran Hendricks, Imran Tahir.

13:17 England have won the toss and will field first.

13:16: Good afternoon and welcome to this afternoon's LIVE coverage of the Group 1 clash between England and South Africa from the ICC Twenty 20. We are scheduled to get started at 1:30 (GMT)