He found himself at the centre of a media storm when he debuted his comeback single I Hit it First, a diss or insult track targeted at his former sex tape partner Kim Kardashian.

But Ray J has taken the controversy one step further by unveiling a music video - complete with a Kardashian lookalike.

Although the 32-year-old singer maintains that the song is not about Kardashian, his video throws all tact out the window and features an array of heavy-handed references to the pregnant reality TV star and her current boyfriend, Kanye West.

The four-minute film also mocks her E! reality programmes.

Brandy's younger brother finally adds salt to the wound by reworking their infamous 2007 sex tape and incorporating shots of the Kardashian's dead ringer rolling around in a bed while a handheld camera films her.

The provocative video has gone viral.

"Ray J is so childish and what goes around goes around. Any stupid chick that dates this fool is seeing the blueprint of what he will do to you," one unimpressed viewer said.

"What's next for this fool? He will do anything to stay relevant in this era of reality stars. Your five minutes is up, and you're late from your break at Walmart. Get back to greeting customers at the door."

Another commenter insisted that it was a case of karma repaying the Keeping up with the Kardashian's star for her sins.

"I'm sorry but that song is hysterical. Kim K shouldn't get mad. She did it to herself and he's trying to be a big star like Kim K did. She got popular because she made a video of Ray J doing her first. If she banked on it, so should he. Smart one, Ray J"

The Nic Nac-produced track, featuring Booby Brackins, was released on iTunes earlier this month.