• Rockhold is not sure if he will ever get another title shot again.
  • Former middleweight champion believes money fights have taken away the heart of the sport.

Luke Rockhold is the latest fighter to speak out on the chaos that has been caused in the middleweight division by Michael Bisping's announced title fight with Georges St-Pierre.

Current middleweight champion Bisping was expected to defend his title against number one contender Yoel Romero in May. However, with the return of UFC legend Georges St-Pierre, Bisping opted to face the Canadian instead, in what would definitely earn him a bigger payday.

It was a decision which left Romero "very bothered" while former champion Chris Weidman recently said that the title bout "kind of sucks for the rest of the division" as a potential fight with "GSP" would probably take place towards the end of the summer.

Rockhold, who lost his middleweight title to Bisping at UFC 199 in June 2016, made his first public appearance since the defeat to talk about what has become a chaotic division.

"It's chaos, isn't it? I mean, I think they're [UFC] running down a slippery slope," Rockhold said on Fox. "I think things could easily get out of hand."

"You never know what these guys are going to do. Georges isn't going to fight anybody in the top of our division if he wins this fight. Bisping could potentially be in the same boat. So I'm just bummed they took this route; it's kind of taken away from the sport, the heart of the sport.

"It's about the top guys fighting each other. This isn't WWE, this is fighting. This is what it's all about. So when they make moves like this, it definitely makes you question a lot of things about what you're doing, and how you're approaching it."

Luke Rockhold
Rockhold was the former middleweight champion before losing to Bisping at UFC 199 Getty

When asked when he would see himself realistically fighting for the belt, Rockhold stated that he was not sure if he would ever get a title shot again but did propose an interim title fight with Romero.

"You tell me [laughs]," he added. "I mean I know it doesn't take much. It takes one good fight. Given what's out there, it's just kind of waiting to see what irons out. There's a lot of fights happening and everyone's kind of tied up. It just depends on what their thoughts are."

"I know Yoel's out there and he's waiting. I don't know what his program is exactly but if they want to put a real belt on the line, I'd gladly go fight Yoel for it but I want security. If I'm going to go fight a top guy, I want to know that my next fight is to unify the title and get that thing going. I'm not here to dance around. I'm here to fight for titles and championship money."