LulzSec's Lulz Boat
LulzSec's Lulz Boat

A video posted earlier this week has revealed the origin of the now notorious hacking collectives LulzSec and Anonymous.

The video by NMATV was posted on Youtube and has since been tweeted and re-tweeted by LulzSec on its Twitter page.

The video, entitled "Hacker Group go on a Rampage for Lolz" claims to reveal the exact origin of both Anonymous and LulzSec.

The voice over reiterated the commonly known rumour that both groups were off-shoots of the older 4Chan hacking collective:

"Out of the swamp that is 4Chan, two groups of hackers emerged. The first Anonymous practice hacktivism, using DDoS attacks against numerous targerts, such as Iran, the Church of Scientology and"

Shifting to a picture of LulzSec members laughing gaily on a flying pirate ship the video continues, "LulzSec on the other hand, are pranksters happy just to take down random sites for Lulz".

The video goes on to comment on the growing tension that has been growing between LulzSec, Anonymous and 4Chan. Late last night over 4Chan's message board, the groups openly quarrelled leading to a declaration of war.

NMATV's video focused on the tensions between 4Chan and LulzSec:

"LulzSec has been on the rampage, taking down the CIA website to win a Twitter flame war, while picking another fight with 4Chan.

"Despite past associations, 4Chan users are out to take down LulzSec anyway they can. Will the hackers of LulzSec be applying their computer skills elsewhere soon?"

Despite the fact that the video was not made by LulzSec itself, it did receive a positive response on LulzSec's Twitter page. The collective posted it twice, the first time adding, "This is simply the best thing in the entire world ever", followed by "This is still the greatest video ever made".

Little is known about any of the three hacking collectives. As yet, while as many as 32 suspected Anonymous members are either being detained or awaiting trial, no LulzSec contributor has yet been caught.

The fact that the video received praise from LulzSec could mean that the information on it is legitimate. On the other hand, the collective could just have expressed admiration for it as it liked how it was portrayed -- if LulzSec's track-record is anything to go by it's probably a combination of the two.